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Abigail's Journal Entries

No description

kristen parker

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Abigail's Journal Entries

The Crucible
Journal Entry 1
Dear, Diary

I can't believe that John Proctor.He had the audacity to choose that sniveling wife over me.I am way better than that goody too shoes Elizabeth Proctor.There are so many differences between us; we are like day night.She is a naive,sickly,simple woman.I on the other hand am an adventure. I am knowledgeable, healthy, and certainly far from simple.Why any man would be lucky to have me.Elizabeth is a old hag who should just disappear.I am a beautiful young woman; a great prize for any real man. The one man i want however is married to a woman who is not good enough for him. I mean can she be anymore annoying?
John should really just leave her and marry me. I am way better than her. I would be a great wife unlike her. If she was so great john would have never swayed from her bed into my own.Then again I guess i should thank her then for not being enough for him. For if Elizabeth had been enough I would have never known real love.For that is what John and I share..Surely this woman he calls his wife must have threatened him. There is no other explanation for John refusing my bed now.That woman has cursed him surely. Oh how I hate her for keeping my love and I apart.
Oh hoW I loath her. There is nothing she can do that I can not.She can clean, cook, and be at peace with god.Well I can do all those things and more. The sooner Jon realizes this, the sooner we cam live happily ever after. All I can say now is that I will have my revenge on Goody Proctor.Once I put in a claim that she is she is a witch the whole town will see what a fake she really
is.Here is my plan. I will claim that she is a witch and with all the evidence and witness that I will come up with she will die. Now that my plan is in motion I just need to trick the silly little Mary Warren into helping me, though she will never know that she is really helping me with her mistress' death. I will see Elizabeth hang, and John will be mine if it is the last thing I ever do! Well i fear someone just arrived home so this is all i can write for now. I will write again soon.
- Sincerely
Abigail Williams

Journal Entry 3
Dear Diary,

I am writing this entry from the Salem General court where we are giving the names of those we believe to be advocates of the Devil. On the day of Tituba helping us to conjure the spirits, my sole motive was to kill Elizabeth, to be with Proctor. Considering that that had failed, I am forced to take action within the court, by declaring that she is a witch.
I believe that John will take longer to see my way of thinking. He, on our last encounter, stood up for his wife and not for me. He will rue the day he married Elizabeth and did not run away with me! I have everything planned with Mary Warren and myself. Mary was to give Elizabeth the poppet and Cheever was to retrieve it and arrest her. I was desperate to get John for myself that I was willing to pierce a needle through my stomach and blame it all on Elizabeth Proctor.

I knew she knew I had had an affair with John, that I would go after her to reclaim him and that John knew that this malarkey was all made-up for sport; but, I blackmailed John by saying that if he told this, I would tell him about his affair with me which would blacken both his name and the name of his family. The latter reason would drive John into hiding the truth further because of the love and care he felt for his family, like any man would. The last thing I was informed was that Cheever had collected his wife and she was on her way back to the centre of the village of Salem.

Hopefully, things will stay as good as they have been so far, and I finally get to rid myself of Elizabeth once and for all.

Lots of Love, Abigail Williams xx
Journal Entry 4
Mary Warren is a traitor.She seeks redemption to be reckoned with.I can not allow her to make a fool out of me and the other girls.Even though she spoke the truth our reputations have higher values, It was her foolishness that led John to claiminng harlotry on me. He gave up his good name for that sake of his wofe, and to put an end to me.My body shuttered whem Mr. Danforth called Elizabeth in.I did think i would have my damnation on Earth, as well as in hell.But luckily, Elizabeth,in her ignorance for honor of hrer husband, clamied no lehery. I was feee to bring reckoning out of hell for MAry.We all put her on the spot and saw her as a demon, a former demon that betrayed us.We would yet see her condemned!!! But, without thought of her connection to John, I led on. I did not suspect first hand tht she would claim to sign the devil's book at the insisting of
John.I should have known pushing her would come to this. My beloved John is now convicted of using the devils power to contorl Mary and him in jail. It id Mary's fault,not mine, that John has such a fate. She has given a false accusation aganist him, not I, so she will pau on Judgement Day.May God have mercey on her soul.
Journal Entry 5
Abigail s Journal Entries
Dear Diary,

Today is certainly going in my favor! I woke up today, believing today would be all about Betty, and Uncle Parris would be crying over her still body.

The one thing that has been replayed through my mind throughout the course of the day was whether it was worth the trouble of conjuring the spirits, and going through all this trouble linked in with it. The first reason that I wanted to go through with the witchcraft was because I had to be with John! To do this, I needed to get rid of the daft old bat Elizabeth Proctor for good; it was the only way that John would ever accept his rightful place, with me by his side. Lastly, being the niece of Reverend Parris meant that he kept you on a tight leash, in order to both, keep his high reputation maintained throughout the village and to keep us out of the ways of the Devil. The thing that he failed to comprehend was the fact that he sometimes kept that leash a little too tight. We needed some space to breathe! So, we .Betty and myself,gathered some of the other girls in the village who felt the same way and we went off into the forest to be free. I think that Mercy took that chance a little too literally, and ran around naked!

Little did I know that I would be questioned on the one thing that I had believed that I had hidden well from my Uncle! My last and final option was to shift the blame onto someone else. I felt really bad for Tituba, but something yearned for the back to be in perfect condition, rather than being whipped from the use of witchcraft! However, that guilt which boiled at the pit of my stomach began to subside as Tituba started to describe her story to my Uncle and the Reverend Hale of Beverley.

Soon it became too much to take; Tituba had successfully been able to unravel some made-up story, which meant that she could start naming names of people who she believed to be witches. Enough was enough, and I started to basking in her glory by also proffering names of who I’d “supposedly” seen with the Devil. Out of the blue, Betty joined in with providing answers! (She really should drop the act) You see, the people who run the village of Salem, John Proctor explained to me, are people who have so much trust in the villagers that by giving names to which people we believed to be witches, or practiced witchcraft, they were obedient to accept whatever name was offered. They are “spineless” leaders, I believe John put it, and do not deserve to lead anyone of the sort. This is one of the reasons that my dear John Proctor left the village of Salem, he prefers to be isolated. Now that we’ve given all the names of the witches, I do desperately hope that the Reverend will leave very soon, and take his witch-finding talk away with him too!

However, I believe that myself, and my fellow band of “witches”, are rather enjoying this power we have over the people of Salem. Word went out that we have been toying in the art of witch-craft, and now everyone has a fear of us. One week ago, this sort of rising fear of us would never have occurred. We were just ordinary, innocent, children who would never have been thought to be trifling with the Devil’s arts.

I do sincerely hope that, come Act 2, the day will brighten, and the witch talk will cease to a halt. I hope to write to you soon Diary.

Lots of Love, Abigail Williams

Journal Entry 2
In my last attempt to save any digninty in myself;I have decied to leave salem for good. I can not bear to watch John hang so i offered him passage with me, and he refused.I must leave forever and never return to this dreadful place.I have condemmed to hell.I try not to have reget for this event because I know those who kept honesty, and hung for it shall rise with grace into heaven.Their ends shall be peaceful, but mine shall be filled with godly wrath. May John have the most peaceful going into the glory of God, and with him those of true righteousness.I know that my accusations towards others in Salem were not just a game, it cost people their lives and I hate to say it, but I regret every part of it.I never ment to go that far,But I could not admit that I was lying because then my name would be blackened.The only thing I wanted out of this was John, but now he is in troubke and he will never forgive me for what I have done to his family.During my "child's play" I have hurt and destroyed many familes in this town and for that i must never return.

Goodbye Forever,
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