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JiWon Choi

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Iceland

By: J. Sisters Iceland Fun Facts Thank you for watching our presentation~ Geography The type of government is Constitutional Republic.

The head of the state is the president. They elect president every 4 years. The voting age is 18 years.

It has Cabinet officers, headed by the prime minister, and the administer.

The parliament consists of 63 members. It's the world's oldest legislative assemblies. Government History Flora and Fauna
Social studies book pg.115

"Iceland." Britannica Student Encyclopedia. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition.
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Encyclopedia (I)


"Iceland." Britannica Student Encyclopedia. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition.
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"Iceland." Britannica Student Encyclopedia. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition.
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1980, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir became the world's first women president.

Iceland has about 800 hot springs bubbled up from beneath the earth surface. Sources The island is formed by volcanoes. It lies in North Atlantic Ocean, east of Greenland.

Land area is about 38,707 sq mi; 100,250 sq km.

It has many volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, and hot springs. Some of the volcanoes are still active.

The Gulf Stream keeps Iceland's climate mild.

The glaciers helped to carve out island's landscape. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/europe/iceland/ (Iceland had been compared to everything from a human heart to a sheep.) Most people live in the low land areas, south and west.

Some people say that the shape of the Iceland is similar to a human heart. The Norway ruled Iceland from 1262 to 1380. (about 118 years)

Iceland became full independence in 1944 by Denmark took over both Norway and Iceland.

In 2008, the country's economy collapsed because
of the problems with its banks.
There are still scars, but Icelandic people enabled
to recover and move toward the future. culture Economy Iceland has many kind of animals such as Icelandic sheep, cattle, chicken, goat and the sturdy Icelandic horse and also wild reindeer are found in the northeastern highlands but there is no frog or reptiles. (not many insects)

Waters around Iceland has many whales, dolphins, grampus, porpoise and many types of seals, many kinds of fish.

It has many cod, haddock and herring but also has sole, shark, halibut, redfish, saithe, and other fish.
There is many salmons in rivers and lakes. Iceland has services such as transportation, tourism, and technology work.

Farmers raise sheep and dairy cattle to earn money.
Icelanders work in textile and clothing factories, printing and publishing activities, food processing, chemical industries, and electrical equipment plants.

People fish a lot because of the rich fishing grounds for cod and herring in the waters that surround the island. Icelandic culture is similar to Scandinavian culture especially Norway.

The language they speak is called the Icelandic.

The Icelandic language is maybe Old Norse or old Norwegian in character, although it varies considerably from modern Norwegian.

Education level is high in Iceland. More books and newspapers are published per person than in any other nation. The University of Iceland in Reykjavik are free to the citizens.

The people receive many services such as medical care, unemployment insurance, pensions for the elderly and handicapped, and free schooling from government. http://www.rafnsson.is/pages/presidentoficeland/ Flag President Saithe Redfish Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson is the fifth president of Iceland. He was born in Ísafjörður on 4 May 1943. (69years old) http://www.bacalhau.com.br/ingles/types.htm http://doradokiller.blogspot.com/2011/05/bull-redfish-in-venice-la.html http://sfdatwestmain.com/fish.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_3972885_flag-of-iceland-national-country-s
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