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on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Informative


By Sean, Nic, Amador, and John.
Period 6
Advertising- The act/practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc. especially by paid announcements in newspapers, magazines, radio/television, and billboards.
Informative advertising: advertising that's carried out in an informative manner. The idea is to give the ad the look of an official article to give it more credibility. Also, they tend to help generate a good reputation with customers.
Example of Informative
Companies that use
Informative advertising
Anti-smoking companies
Government companies
Medical/Health Industry
Above the Influence
How Apple has used Informative Advertising
Apple has used Informative Advertising to inform its current and potential customers about their product. Also, they also do use a form of reminding advertising.
In our opinion, we feel as if their advertisements are partially successful, since they use informative/reminding advertising. Instead, they would be more successful if they used Inform/Persuade, since most technology companies use this form of advertising to grab its customers.
What is Informative
What is
How Above the Influence has used
informative advertising?
Above the influence uses creative, yet simple advertisements to inform people why smoking & drinking/using drugs is bad.
We think that their strategy had been successful due to the fact that they can effectively inform its target audience about the dangers of smoking, doing drugs, etc.
Has apple used the right strategy?
In our opinion, Apple has only been partially successful with using informative advertising, since they mainly inform and remind users about their product, instead of persuading them to purchase their product through persuasion. We recommend for Apple to use a combination of Informative and Persuasive Advertising because most technology companies use this combination, and on top of it, using this form can allow for the tech giant to gain even more consumers of their product!
What about Above the Influence?
Are they successful with using Informative
We believe that Above the Influence has used the correct advertisement strategy because they can successfully inform its target audience to not smoke, drink, etc, without using persuasion, reminding, etc. One simple ad from Above the Influence can be effective. Due to the above statement, we think that Above the Influence shouldn't change their strategy because it currently works at the moment(it creatively informs!), so there is no point to change it while it works!
What Strategy should Apple use instead of
Informative/Reminding and why
Without using Informative/Reminding, we recommend that Apple should reach its customers through persuading their customers why their product is better than the competition's, and why.
For example, Apple can state the great effects that the device has, while outlying the negatives of the competition's product(thus making their product look better).
Also, Apple can connect to their customers by using personal experiences and catchy slogans that could persuade the person to buy Apple's product over others(such as Microsoft, Samsung, etc)
Cited Materials used for presentation
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