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PSY 1129 (H) - Week 1 Lecture

Introduction and Chapter 1

Neetu Dheri

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of PSY 1129 (H) - Week 1 Lecture

PSY 1129
Your Professor:
Sandeep Neetu Dheri, MBA
- eMail:
- Office:
SJA 398F
- Office Hours:
Tuesdays by appointment

- Game Time!
Organizational Behaviour
Course Layout
Course Outline & Evaluation (BB)
Course Policies and Expectations
Chapter 1
Let's review
Start class ON TIME
Keep students informed (via Blackboard)
Adequate delivery of course content
Facilitation of interactive learning
Timely Feedback (1-2 weeks)
Answer your questions as completely as possible - or direct you to the right resources
Do what it takes to help YOU SUCCEED and get ready for the workplace!
What you can expect from your Professor...
Maintain a respectful, inclusive environment for everyone.
Be prepared for each class by:
Completing the online modules/quizzes
class each week
Participating in class discussions and exercises
Asking questions
Utilize all available resources:
Blackboard, Lectures, Library, Student Services
Be responsible for your own SUCCESS! Take accountability for the choices that you make.
Have FUN!
What is expected of you, the Student ...
Let's talk about:

Organizational Behaviour
Course Intro...
Week 1

S.N. Dheri George Brown College
Course Layout:

Online Learning Modules/Quizzes

Mini-Lectures & Participation Exercises
Course Policies
Course Expectations
to class each week:
Read the Chapter in the Textbook

Watch the Online Learning Modules and complete the Quizzes
Complete any other pre-work as assigned on BB

Participate during lectures (in-class and online) and have fun!

What two things do you think they VALUE most?
How would you describe their ATTITUDE towards school/learning?
What are his/her GOALS?
What type of TEAM-mate would this individual make?
What would MOTIVATE him or her if you were this person's boss?
Why did you think these things about him/her?
Choose ONE of the individuals that you met...
Organizations have been undergoing significant change (manufacturing -- outsourcing)
Companies had to re-engineer to improve speed, efficiency and flexibility to stay alive
Shift towards new services/industries -- need for new talent…
Knowledge-based, service-oriented economy that is more tech-savvy, inclusive, and sustainable.
Frederick Taylor
Industrial Revolution
Systematically analyzed human behaviour at work to increase productivity and efficiency
Outcomes: Personnel Department, Total Quality Management programs

"Human side of work"
Work of Mayo and Follett ... employees have emotional needs that managers should pay attention to (1930s)
McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y (1960s)

How to manage (
efficiency versus employees' emotions
) ... depends on the situation.
Avoid the "one best way" mentality
Learn (and change) from research and practice.

The field of OB is dynamic and is being reshaped by both forces inside and outside the discipline.

Exploring contemporary issues such as:
Age of

social capital
(strength of relationships, trust, cooperation)
Emerging field of
positive organizational behavior (POB) -
focus on the positives (human strengths and prevent negative behaviours) instead of what's "wrong" with people and how to fix that
e-business revolution
workplace diversity
Ethics Challenge
Next Week...
Complete Learning Modules and Quizzes for Week 1 AND Week 2 BEFORE class
Chapter 2 Mini-Lecture ONLINE
Participation Exercises
Let's review Week 1 online Learning Module and complete the online Quiz ...
"Using information communication technologies to facilitate every aspect of running a business."
is "the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives effectively, efficiently, and ethically."
and "people-centered" management
So why study OB?
The benefits of organizational behaviour include:
the ability to analyze fundamental behaviours and promote greater understanding, which result in higher performance and the ability to successfully identify and operate within a legal, ethical, and socially responsible context.
Organizational behaviour can bring to the workplace an understanding of:
the ability to understand and analyze fundamental behaviours
the ability to evaluate and help other employees
the ability to identify and provide examples of best practices
the ability to assist others in gaining job satisfaction
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