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Procurement of Praziquantel

No description


on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Procurement of Praziquantel

Current Situation
Moving Forward – Year 7 Requirements
Procurement Timeline

Procurement of Praziquantel
Evaluation Criteria
It will be important to agree evaluation criteria for the new tender that reflect both the importance of quality, the need to increase availability and provide value for money

The advertisement will be open to all, and for those who meet overall pre-qualification requirements can include scored evaluation criteria for technical compliance:-

Weightings will be agreed and could take into account:
WHO PQQ status
WHO PQQ status of the API
ERP approval level attained
Delivery lead times
Registration status in country

Weightings for the tender for frameworks may vary against those in the mini-competitions for actual requirements under these framework agreements
Thank you
Support for the Integrated Control of Schistosomiasis Helminths in Sub Saharan Africa (ICOSA)
Since 2010 Crown Agents has provided an agency procurement service to the UK DFID’s funded ICOSA programme working with SCI

Crown Agents technical and supply chain insight enables us to work with programmes to transform the supply chain element from a transactional add on to an integral tool for delivering results and value for money

For purchases of Praziquantel Crown Agents have established Framework Agreements with key manufacturers/suppliers

Once year 7 requirements are confirmed we will re-advertise these frameworks in order to maximise supply options
Current Situation
There are a limited number of suppliers able to supply praziquantel of an appropriate quality:

Only 1 WHO pre-qualified manufacturer – Cipla, who use their own API (Cipla’s current capacity is insufficient to provide all requirements)

Limited number of ERP level 3 manufacturers

New manufacturers are applying to WHO for ERP approval
Current Framework Agreements

These expire in September 2016 but can be used for early delivery requirements for 2016/2017, year 7

3 active Framework Agreements with Cipla, Microlabs and IDA

Lack of suppliers leads to price issues and supply disruption

Moving Forward Year 7 onwards

Issue advertisement inviting suitably qualified suppliers to enter into framework agreements

Increase supply chain options

Ensure quality of supply via a robust procurement process including appropriate evaluation criteria

Provide value for money

Agree requirements
Place Contract Notice on OJEU
Open procurement procedure
Recommendation for award of framework agreements
Standstill period
Issue Framework Agreements
Place Calldown contracts
Process and Timelines for Establishing New Framework Agreements for Year 7 onwards Praziquantel Requirements:
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