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Khan Academy: Math Tutoring Made Simple

Many educators have heard of the hundreds of free instructional videos on Khan Academy, but surprisingly not as many are aware of free tutoring software with detailed student reports. This shows how teachers can use the free Khan Academy software.

Keith O'Neal

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Khan Academy: Math Tutoring Made Simple

A few Algebra videos later...
Khan meets every student where they are...
Using Khan Academy
Instant results help motivate
Students can see their learning take shape
Why Khan Academy
An educator's Perspective
Coaching with fingertip data!
A free world class education for anyone, anywhere
Khan Academy Software
Tutorial of Khan Academy for Coaches
Khan Academy
Math Tutoring Made Simple: with Keith O'Neal - Lipscomb University
Khan's videos have reached millions
The World of Math
...but that's just the tip of the iceberg!
is a...
...a learning tool
...a way to connect students to learning outside of the classroom walls 24/7
How to use the Data
"You don't learn unless you do something in class, liberate yourself, flip your class & do something with students" @kevinhoneycutt
Take the challenge and do something, challenge your students to take charge of their own learning!
Students need to OWN their learning
...and helps advanced them further!
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