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Let The Great World Spin

No description

Kyle Ledford

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Let The Great World Spin

Let The Great World Spin
Colum McCann
Though there are multiple characters in this book, but Corrigan stood out the most to me. Corrigan came from Ireland to New York (soon his brother Ciaran followed) at a time when Ireland began to grow increasingly violent, so they moved to New York in hopes of a better, safer life.
Corrigan's main problem was his confliction between his religion and his love for Abelita. Corrigan felt the desire to help people and had devoted himself to God at a young age. He strived to do God's work and wished to help poor people and to rescue the world from poverty and injustice. Though being dedicated to God, Corrigan slips up and falls for the widow named Abelita and has sex with her, ruining his celibacy. After When Abelita came into his life, he was torn between his faith and her. But soon Corrigan begins to accept that he loves her and has decided to be dedicated to her, but unfortunately dies in a car accident soon after. Corrigan was an amazing character who tried to do right unto all people regardless of their status.

Literary Luminary
Closing the book, Jaslyn who is sitting with the dying Claire, makes the most quoted statement from this book saying "The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough." This quote relates to the meaning directly I believe. In context to story in the book, and the hidden meanings about 9/11 throughout the novel, I think that this was the mindset of many of the characters throughout the novel as well as people who were touched by the World Trade Center attacks. You can look at this quote as meaning that no matter what happens, life carries on. The world day by day will continue to spin, and everyone in the world will continue to live/struggle throughout their lives.

Every one is connected in some way. Throughout the novel, you can see how everyone is connected to everyone. Whether it be through witnessing the tight rope walker, or the court case. No matter what, all the characters in this novel was effected or affected by each other either directly or indirectly.
Another point is that everyone takes events and interprets them differently . In the beginnging of the story you have examples of people being baffled by the tight-rope walker and others who are indifferent to it. Another example is Corrigan's death. Everyone took it differently. Blaine and Lara were responsible for Corrigan's death, but Blaine felt like it wasn't their fault while Lara felt extremely guilty.
In times of grief, there is the unity. The fact that this story being an allegory to the events of 9/11 helps illustrate that. In the book, people support each other after the various losses the occur. Whether it be the support group speaking of their sons/loved ones who died in the Vietnam War, or simply Lara comforting Ciaran, in a time of need people band together. Just like after 9/11.
Disscusion Facilitator
Why do you think the author choose to tell the story from so many different people's perspectives?

Why do you think the author left the tight-rope walker's name anonymous?

Adelita said: “The thing about love is that we come alive in bodies not our own.” What does she mean by this?
I can directly relate the event of the 1974 tight-rope walk that occured in the very beginning of the book ,to the real one that took place. The one depicted in the very recent film titled 'The Walk' starring Joseph Gordon- Levitt. This film gives an in depth look at Phillipe Petit, the guy who walked the tightrope. In the film 'The Walk' you have a chance to get see what Petit was about. Through much hard work, connections, and friendships, he was able to set up the feat of his life. Tight rope walking between the Twin Towers. The one in which this book is based to heavliy on. This movie was very entertaining, and I would suggest viewing this movie before reading the novel, I believe it would help you better understand and interpret this novel.
Kyle Ledford
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