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The Blitzkrieg

No description

boede mitchell

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of The Blitzkrieg

Germans had a large supplement of resources, but it wasnt enough. They used the Blitzkreig tactics to attack and take control of countrys. He would then use people he didnt like and put them to work to get the resources from the country and use them for Germany.
Treaty with Russia
Germany forged a treaty with Russia that as long as Russia doesnt try to stop Germany, they would be given part of the land taken. This was a way Germany could focus on the west and not worry about the east. After the delt with the west they broke the treaty and used Blitzkreig tatics on Russia.
Waiting Was Important
One way Germany got its way using the Bitzkreig tactics was it waited for Poland to ally with France and England. Germany, England, and France were the major powers during WWII. To make sure it was ok for Germany 's forces to use the Blitkrieg on France and England they would ally and say if Poland was attacked by Germany, they would go to war with Germany.
Panzer Tanks
These tanks were a huge part of the Blitzkreig tactics used my Germany. These tanks were EXTREMELY STRONG. The reason why they were better than other tanks is because Germany built them in quality, not quantity. Also, many countrys they faced had ew taks or had horrible tank technology.
About The Blitzkrieg
The Blitzkrieg means lighning war. The Germans used Blitzkreig tactics in western Europe sucessfully but the tatics eventually failed against the Russian winter. Blitzkreig tatics were designed to strike quickly so the opposing army wasnt ready and couldn't get ready in time.
Poland's Tech
One country, in fact the first country Germans used Blitzkrieg tactics on which technically caused WWII. Their technology was extremely weak due to their position in Europe. And when compared to the Germans technology, they basically had no chance of winning a fight.
Panzer Tank
The Blitzkrieg was first tested in Poland. Proving sucessfull, German forces used the tactic on Belgium, France, and England. It was also used in Africa by general Rommel sucessfully but near the middle of the war, it failed against Russia. It worked at first against Russia but as winter arrived the Germans weren't ready for it.
The Word
The word Blitzkrieg was never actually used by the German military and the German dictionary. It also was never used by any German generals if we look at their logs. The word Blitzkrieg first appeared in a time magazine on September 25, 1939. The article discussed Germany and the polish campain. From their it turned into the term we used to discuss that typem of war.
Use of Trains
The Blitzkrieg tactic was used with trains and guns mounted on tracks nearee front lines. These trains provided and endless flow of supplies for the men on the front line. The guns that were on the trains were also used to crush the enemys lines and destroy key targets. Some targets might be a storage house or a airfield.
The Blitzkreig tactics help Germany with the war in many ways. Weather it was the panzer tank to the trains or even attacking a country with weak a military, the tatic worked wth it. Also to go with it the Germans used many decicive and neccesary decisions to keep going. These pecific reasons are what caused the Blitzkrieg tactics to be so sucessfull.
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