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Grade 3: Unit 08- Poems We Love- 02

2nd Class

Zackary Downey

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Grade 3: Unit 08- Poems We Love- 02

Let's review!
Notebooks ready, please!
1) What can you say
to help someone who
can't cook?
2) What can you say
to help someone who
can't ride a bike?
Today, we will study:
In English?!
First, let's see if you
understand the word:
Choose the word
that rhymes with:
1) Grate

2) Balloon

3) Smog

4) Logged
Look at your
Only do part ONE!
1) Mark

2) Horse

3) Phone

4) Lunch

5) Tree
A) Crunch

B) Free

C) Dark

D) Bone

E) Course
Now you're ready for part
Try to finish the poem on your paper.
Here is my good friend, Mark

His home was in a tree

Every day he had pizza for lunch

Mark never liked his phone

He sold his house for a horse

He was always afraid of the dark.
He liked to live for free.
He added bugs for extra crunch.
It was the colour of a bone.
But failed the riding course.
Okay! Let's hear your poems
Now, turn your papers over!
your friends are going to help you!
Help each other
finish the poems!
Finished? Let's
hear your poetry!
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