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Faqih Roslan

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Computing Environments 1. Traditional Computing A data controller. Criteria 5. Cloud Computing Virtualization Technology 2. Web-Based Computing 4. Mobile Computing Human Interface with device. 3. Embedded Computing Power consumption affects heat generation. Differences Traditional Computing Cloud Computing vs Traditional outsourcing of data processing Use of computing resources that are delivered as a service over a network. VS Embedded Computing Mobile Computing Web-Based Computing A system that attach to hardware or software and can be design simultaneously. A system that attach to device such as smartphone, tablet,PDA or etc. An OS to access over the internet using a web browser. Open Source
Licensed Operating System Android Criteria Multitasking
Phone option are diverse
Easy access to thousands of applications via the Google Android Android App Market Platform Smartphone
Mobile device
Supported platform
ARMx86 Linux Criteria The power of choice.
Flexibility. Platform Hardware platform
Kernel ReactOS Criteria Windows Clone
Completely standalone project Platform Supported
x86-64ARM Criteria Have their own messenger : Blackberry messenger(BBM)
Online anytime Platform Smartphone
Tablet : QNX-based Criteria Consumer oriented
Tightly integrated Platform Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP Criteria Not easily affected by the virus.
High performance
Overall last longer Platform PowerPC
ComputerSmartphone System Multiprocessor Clustered Criteria Instruction and data streams can be executed a single sequence of instruction in multiple contexts. Asymmetric multiprocessing: Each processor is assigned a specific task
Symmetric multiprocessing: Each processor runs an identical copy of the operating system. Asymmetric multiprocessing: one server runs the application while other server standby.
Symmetric multiprocessing: all hosts are running the application. Criteria Use data sharing.
Use of a clustered file system in modern computer.
MPI & PVM Virtual Machine Define A software implementation of a computing environment in which an operating system or program can be installed and run. Uses & Function 1.To try a new operating system.
2.To test software.
3.To set up an office quickly.
4.To backup system.
5.To save legacy systems.
6.To build a small disaster recovery. Platform Compatibility Host system requirements Supported Guest Operating System OS Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2012 Processor AMD
Intel Windows
Solaris Processor AMD
Intel Processor speed-400MHz or faster.
Memory-128MB minimum, 256MB recommended.
Hard disk at least 1 GB free disk space. Reasonable powerful x86 hardware. Any recent Intel or AMD processor
Memory at least 512MB of RAM.
Hard disk space needed to install the virtual machine about 30 MB. Microsoft Windows 32-Bit
Microsoft Windows 64-Bit
Linux 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows NT 4.0 All versions.
Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/Server 2012
DOS/Windows 3.x/95/98/ME Limited.
Linux 2.4 Limited support. Similarities Computer systems capable of self-management
The packaging of computer resources planning and financial transaction processing.
Range and bandwith can be access using technologies such as GPRS HSUPA 3G wireless LAN.
Human interface design are beung use in this computing.
Real time system can be access in this computing. BIT 20403
Operating System Assignment 1 Mohamad Fadhil Bin Jalani (AI110111)
Muhammad Faqih Bin Roslan (AI110028) One of the differences between windows operating system and Mac operating system is on the hardware price windows operating system is cheaper than Mac operating system. This is because Mac OS can only be use by pc or laptop that built by Apple Inc. only. While for Windows operating system there are a lot of optional that can be choose such as hardware from Asus, Acer or Dell. With this the customer can have variety to choose from. In term of software windows can have more variety than Mac OS. The software for Windows is more also user friendly than Mac OS. In Windows operating system it uses Desktop while for Mac OS it uses Dashboard. The design for Dashboard is better because it has prepared a personal section to keep the widgets. In terms of security Windows is safer and easier because the action center in windows will inform user any problem occurs such as if firewall gets disable. In comparison of processor use Windows is better compare to Mac OS. This is because Windows have much variety of processor such as Intel 1.5 and AMD. Windows processor can be easily modified to match the performance that the user wanted. While for Mac OS the processor is depend on the built in and hardly to be change. CONCLUSION Diferrences Can boot up.
Can connected to web-based application in a 3 seconds. Puan Hazalila Binti Kamaluddin
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