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Breaking Social Norms

A Prezi about breaking social norms

Connor Sullivan

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Breaking Social Norms

By: Connor Sullivan, Christian Nossokoff, Andy Jacobs, and Christian Schratz Breaking Social Norms Social norms are based off of values.
They are rules that determine appropriate and inappropriate behavior within your society.
They are used to guide social behavior.
Consist of Folkways, Mores, and Laws.
Social norms differ from culture to culture and are taught to be followed throughout ones life. What is a Social Norm? Since there are different kinds of social norms breaking them can come with a variety of consequences, some severe and some not.
Social norms such as Mores have a greater moral significance and if broken can danger the well-being and stability of a society, therefore many are formalized into laws.
As we all know if laws are broken there are usually sever consequences so breaking a more or law is not a good idea.
Folkways are much less sever then mores or laws because they are basically just rules that cover customary practices without moral concern.
If you break a Folkway there usually aren't many consequences. What happens when you break a social norm? Our Social Norms Chosen to break All in all it seems that breaking social norms is not the best idea.
It can lead to anger and aggression from the people you are violating it around, and can lead to bad situations.
Although for the ones violating the norms it can be pretty amusing. In Conclusion A brief introductory on Social Norms One of our social norms we have chosen to break is the comfort zone.
We decided to go to the Tanger Outlets and while people were walking down the walkway we had one group member walk really close ,even brushing shoulders, with a random stranger
Another member filmed from a bench a safe distance away
The other two observed.
We chose a few different people including, a tall muscular man in his 20's, 2 pairs of women, and a man with his wife and child. Invading Someones Comfort Zone For our second social norm, we decided we were going to go to Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle and buy items using change.
First, we chose items that we couldn't use to pay for, such as a button or paperclip.
Second, during every checkout, we tried using a Dicks sporting goods card worth $20.
Third, when the card failed, we would pull out change and begin counting or allow the cashier to begin counting.
Lastly, after finding out we do not have enough money, we would either pull out paper money and pay for the item or walk away with nothing. Paying With Change Footage of the Social Norms Being Broken Reactions When invading peoples personal space we got all just about the same reactions, some more extreme than others.
This reaction was annoyance.
The people were not happy that some random kid was walking so close to them and invading their space.
One man, the one in his 30's with his wife and baby, even went as far as to push a group member with a decent amount of force and say, "What's your deal?" He then preceded to walk on taking stops to look back and intimidate for the next 5 minutes.
All in all the reactions were a tad frightening. Invading Personal Space For this social norm violation again we got similar reactions, aside from one, and this reaction was anger and impatience.
Although the cashiers did not show it directly to the group mate that was paying they showed signs when he would look away as shown in the video.
They were not happy to be counting change for someone especially when it would turn out the amount of change there was not of sufficient funds to purchase the product.
The two cashiers with anger and impatience I believe seemed to only be held back from saying something because it was their job to be nice to the costumers.
There was one cashier however that did not react the way that the others had. She had even gone as far as to try and scan the Dick's card at Wal-Mart.
One thing that was surprising was the fact the the people in line didn't seem to care much with being held up. Paying with Change
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