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Emma's Prezi

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Emma's Prezi

By Emma Thurgood
my virtual classroom
Explain Everything
This software helped me do my maths strategies and lets me change the font,colour of the text and lets me change the background.

this software allowed me to upload my Explain Everything and save it on life.
I use power point to type my stories and add images to my slides on the computer.
life helped me upload my power point presentation to my avatar
prezi helped me make different slides, paragraphs and lets me change my background of my prezi.
i can use messages to text my prezi to the teacher.
i can use Skype to show my narritive to my teacher.
i can use facetime to conference with my teacher.
OLA is closed due to a fire. We need to communicate with the teacher but how?
We need to use hardware and software.
Power Point
i can use the ipad to create my Explain everything.
i can use macbook to record my voice on vocaroo.
i can upload my presentation to power point.
i can research words i don't know.
i can communicate with my teacher.
i can create slides.
I can use a USB to save photos and Power Points.I can store images to other devices.
The projector allowed me to project images and videos onto the board.I can also show my parents what i have done in class.
On this hardware i can take photos and capture special moments
with this hardware i can print work sheets d photos.
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