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Copy of Janie's Journey

a Prezi by Ryan Tucker: Using his sister's Prezi account

Amanda Tucker

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Janie's Journey

Eatonville, Florida
1. According to that official source, the town is named after Josiah C. Eaton, one of a small group of white landowners who were willing to sell sufficient land to African Americans to create a large enough tract of land to incorporate a black town.
2. Janie was born and raised here.
3. This is where she lives a great deal of her adult life.

Janie's Journey: Where Janie Crawford
traveled throughout her life.

The Florida Everglades
Joe+Janie's house, and the general store
-Joe and Janie were married here and lived here for many years. They shared a loveless marriage here, as Joe was a very commandeering and abusive husband.

-Janie grew into middle age in this home, and running the General Store that Joe owned. Joe Stark eventually died here of heart complications.

-After Joe died, Janie ran the generl store by herself. Eventually, this is where she met her third husband Teacake (who was the true love of her life).

The house where Janie lived with Logan Killicks
-After Nanny saw Janie married to Logan Killicks, she moved into her home with Logan.

-Logan Killicks and Janie's marriage was unsatisfying for Janie, Logan made Janie work like a mule on this farm.

-On the outskirts of this property is where Janie met Joe Stark, her third husband. She eloped with Joe after meeting him on this property.

The Plantation that Janie grew up on
-Janie grew up on a plantation with her Nanny, who was a servant to the family who owned the plantation (the Washburn family).

-Janie experienced her first rudimentary realization of womanhood here, underneath an oak tree on the Washburn property.

-Janie had her first kiss here, which her Nanny witnessed. Her Nanny was shaken by seeing this, and shortly after married her off to a man named Logan Killicks.
The House Janie and Teacake
Lived in
-Janie moved to a new home with Teacake in the Everglades, after she needed a change of pace from Eatonville and the townspeople's watchful eyes.
-Teacake partied with friends a lot, which was okay for Janie for a while. But once Janie felt like she was losing her husband's attention, she felt forlorn. However, they eventually worked these issues out and it was established that he was madly in love with her.
-Eventually, a hurricane passed through the Everglades that her and Teacake had to flee back to Eatonville because of. Teacake died as a result of a dog bite obtained along the way.
Janie's return to Eatonville
-After Teacake dies from rabies in the Everglades, Janie returns to Eatonville a new woman.(this is the point in the story which the book begins at) She no longer cares about the townspeople's nosy demeanor and judging ways, she is secure in herself and the love that she pursued with Teacake.
-The Florida Everglades is a park which is an interconnected series of swamps
-Janie moved here with Teacake later in her life, and lived in their home here. It was a place of great revelation for Janie, where she found her sense of security in herself.
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