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How to Write a Summary

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Eric Sentell

on 8 December 2011

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Transcript of How to Write a Summary

by Eric Sentell How to Write a Summary What is a Summary? A shorter, but equally accurate, version of a longer piece of writing. It has to be in your own words. Example

Good Intentions, by Nancy Grimm - 129 pages In Good Intentions, Nancy Grimm argues for major changes in writing tutors' approaches to students, especially those from non-mainstream backgrounds. How do you summarize a 129 page book in twenty words? First, understand the information you are trying to summarize. Distinguish between major ideas and supporting details. Major Ideas
come with supporting details Supporting Details
don't usually have any other information with them Major
Idea Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Thesis Major
Idea #1 Major
Idea #2 Major
Idea #3 Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Identify the Thesis Second, begin with a "Main Idea" statement.
state the title
state the author
summarize the Thesis, or main idea Third, summarize the major ideas in the same order. She believes that tutors should offer more explicit instruction for academic writing. At the same time, she says that tutors should focus more on supporting students than correcting their errors. Fourth, summarize supporting details as needed. Some students need specific, detailed guidance for how to write because they are not familiar with academic writing. Understand the Material
Major Ideas and Supporting Details
Identify the Thesis
Begin with a Main Idea Statement
State Title and Author
Summarize Thesis/Main Idea
Summarize Major Ideas in Order
Summarize Supporting Details as Needed test Test 1
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