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The Moon Inside And Out

Facts about the moons outside and inside.

Aaron Thompson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Moon Inside And Out

The Moon Inside And Out
By: Aaron Thompson
Let's begin with the outside. There is no atmosphere on the moon. Do you know how there are a lot of holes on the moon? The holes are called craters.
There are a lot of them. Do you know how they got there?

Because the Earth is a bigger planet than the Moon, the Earth would be an easier target. They were created by meteores and asteroids hitting the moon. This part is about outside craters and the atmosphere. Why is it there are so many craters on the moon but not on Earth? It is because there is an atmosphere on
Earth but not on the moon. Therefore if anything
hits the earth it will instantly burn, but if it hit
the moon there is not an atmosphere guarding it.
The Gravity On The Moon The gravity of the moon is very light in fact... Fun Fact: Did you know the gravity of the moon is only 1/6 of the gravity here on Earth? Therefore when you are on the moon it feels like
you are floating above everything in a bounce house.
Here, I drew a diagram to show you. Hey, don't laugh. To the inside. On the inside of the moon there are three main layers.
The first one is the core that is the very center of the moon. The moon has a cold core because it already cooled down.
The moon used to have a hot core like the Earth, but since the moon is smaller than the earth it cooled off first. The second layer is the mantle, it's texture is
very hard and stiff unlike the Earth's that is very hot and almost melted. It is jiggilly. The last layer is the crust. The crust of the moon is very hard and dry and it has a powdery substance on it. We can tell the moon once was a hot planet because...
The landforms on the outside show indications like a Maria. A Maria is a wide open empty space where lava and molten rock have melted away parts of the crust then cooled to form the surface.
That proves that the inside of the moon was once hot. There are also signs and forms of volcanic domes and highlands. All of these facts prove my point. Hi
Keep going Space Travel
How long does it take to go to the moon by car? It takes 130 days. How long does it take to get to the moon by rocket? 13 hours How long does it take to get to the moon from Earth at light speed? 1.52 seconds How long does it take Super Man to fly from Earth to the moon? I don't know he never tried it. Credits Science Notebook provided by Ms.Malone.


Sience Textbook Pgs.F8,E7,F48-51,D6-9. Thank You. That is extremely fast.
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