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French Revolution Fever Model

No description

Samantha Thompson

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of French Revolution Fever Model

French Revolution
Incubation Stage
Symptomatic Stage
Crisis Stage
Convalescence Stage
heavy taxes on most people
people storm Bastille
crushes opposition during Reign of Terror
ends conflict with church
exempt taxes on nobility and clergy
3rd Estate creates National Assembly
executed Louis XVI for treason
French now citizens , not subjects
High debt
Austria invades
declares end of monarchy
Napoleon declares himself emperor
Louis XVI felt he could control Estates General
National Assembly pushed for Constitutional monarchy
Robespierre leads National Convention
New legal system created: Napoleonic Code
Lost territory in Asia and Americas due to Seven Years War
National Assembly drafts Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens
National Assembly dissolves to become National Convention
Settles power struggle between Jacobins and Monarchists
Louis XVI resists changes, protects himself with French army(18,000)
Changes national calendar to show movement away from Church influence
Stabilizes financial situation
Creates large army to protect from invaders- overthrow Jacobins
People want Enlightened Dictatorship
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