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Nikki Grimes Biography

No description

Gabriela Ramirez

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Nikki Grimes Biography

Where and when was Nikki Grimes born? When was the Bronx Masquerade published and how many copies have sold since the publication? What have critics said about the book? What awards has the book won in addition to the Coretta Scott King Award? -The setting is in a high school in BRONX.
-How can i relate to it i can relate to it because i am about to go to high school so now i can kind of feel what the kid feel when he was there. -Nikki Grimes was born on October 20, 1950 till today (March 19, 2013) she is currently still alive and is 62 years old

-Nikki Grimes was born in New York City. -The Bronx Masquerade was published the following date December 28, 2003.

-The number of copies sold is big.....13million copies have been sold. Here is what some teacher/critics have said “The truth is always right on the tip of your tongue.” – Mr. Ward, English teacher

Wesley "Bad Boy" Boone is the first to read his poem in front of the class about his hero, Langston Hughes. Then the rest of the students want to read theirs, too. The number of awards won is the following 3 awards 2006 for the excellence in poetry for young readers, 2003 Coretta Scott King Award and in 2011 she won the Bank Street College Book of the Year. What is the setting of the book and how do you relate to it? Nikki Grimes
By: Gabriela Ramirez Credits:
Page, L. (1998, september 4). Nikki grimes biography. Retrieved from http://www.google.com/search?q=nikki
Information:http://www.childrensliteraturenetwork.org/aifolder/aipages/ai_g/grimes.php Morton west high school
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