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Family Tree

The Brennans: All 10+ of them

Kate Ogorzaly

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

had 10 kids Jack and Eileen Brennan which led to Nell, Kate, & Mary Eileen Ann came first who had Claire (who married Doug), John, and Nora Followed by Jack who married Joan who had Ned and Billy Followed by Eddie who married Julia Which led to 4 boys: Bobby, Kevin, Patrick, and Jack Followed by Bea(trice) who married Eddie's college friend Rob Wall and together they also had 4: "Little" Michael, Lauren, Carrie and (another) Jack And then came Michael who married high school sweetheart Lisa Michael, Lauren, and Carrie all went/go to Villanova Rob, Bobby, Kevin, and Jack all went/go to Georgetown They live in Nashville And the last girl is Ginny (Virginia) who married Jim. Starting with Stephen who married Patty and their two girls, Fiona and Anna Rose And then come the "4 little boys" They also live in my old house in Bronxville Then Peter who married Bunny who have their pride and joy Eliza and his pride & joy: Finn Then there is Uncle Tommy and their 5 kids: Molly, Elizabeth, Kevin, Catherine, and James Last, but not least: Uncle Billy (Uncle Tommy's twin) who married track star Margaret The End!
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