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Kindergarten- States of Matter

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the properties and states of matter.

Julia Yenni

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Kindergarten- States of Matter

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr How can we describe
matter? Hard- soft
rough- smooth
heavy- light
cold- hot What is some matter that you can think of? Is the chair your sitting
in made of matter? Matter Matter is anything that
takes up space Have you ever seen a liquid
or a gas in the classroom? Walk around the room
and bring me two items
that are a solid. Conclusion 3 types of matter Solid
Gas Solids A solid’s a solid.
It doesn’t change shape.
It can’t move around;
It stays in one place
Your desk is a solid,
And so is your chair.
Just look in your classroom-
Wow! They're everywhere! Gases Liquid A liquid moves smoothly
We say that it flows
From one place to another
How quickly it goes!
We know that most liquids
Are easy to see
With no shape of their own
Their not like you and me! An example of the states
of matter is water Water can be
a solid
a liquid
or a gas Can a liquid change shape?
Can a solid change shape?
Can a gas change shape?
Anything that has taste, can be seen, or can be felt. Air is a gas
We can't see it, that's true,
But often we feel it
In things we do
It keeps up a kite.
Air feels up a bubble.
Without it to breathe,
We would be in BIG trouble.
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