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Private vs. Public Sphere

No description

Kricel Francis

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Private vs. Public Sphere

Public Sphere = Public Opinion
Public Sphere
Do you believe the media has change the concept of private and public sphere?
Time to Think....
cc: en.wikipedia.org
Private Sphere
Private vs. Public Sphere
Kricel Francis

Where does the voice of today people stand? Is it more of a public voice or a private voice where people feel freedom to express themselves.
Time to Think...
Social Media has become the platform for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedln, Wordpress, Blogspot, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.
Do you believe the Private Sphere and Public Sphere line is dissolving in today society?
Private/Public Sphere
Can a privately-owned media ever truly be a public sphere, when by the very nature of its business it places commercial values over public interest values?
Private Eyes on a public platform.
Having the option to publicize your information to the world, friends, different groups, or just for your own view.
It offers multiple means of communication chat, blogs, and emails.
Creating events, and pages can be join by anyone
While now you can see what trending online
It has the capability to become a public forum.
While it can still be seen as self-promoting and browsing entertainment.
Public vs. Private
Emerged as the heart of of new global conversation.

What wrong when people don't know topics in today society?
Public Sphere
Peer to Peer news sharing engines.
Social Media News
Easy to use and does not tell you what to do.
People are drawn into because of the user-generated content
Provide a the irreverence, humor, and unpredictability necessary for rejuvenating political conversation
Content completes the media and news orientations
Provides an opportunity for expression, opinion, humor, protest
A-list blogs; blogs that are interconnected
majority of sparsely socially connected and less conversational blogs.
A new narcissism:Blogging
Enables people to function privately, and still connect with other people.
Networked Self and Culture of Remote
We have three categories
Online Activism
Make sure to include your hashtag and number provided to you at the beginning of class.
Make sure to include your hashtag and number provided to you at the beginning of class.
Not use for serious back and forth messaging.
Basically sending funny, goofy, or inappropriate
It used because the image only exist for a short time while the receiver review it then is disappear.
It brings an image to life
but more on the private forum because you only send it to your friends
It does not create a world beyond the comfort of the person reality
While business are beginning to use snapchat to promote themselves through the short term message format.
Some colleges are using it to woo perspective students, publicize campus events, cheer on athletes
becoming a form of engagement.
Snap Chat
Latest platform to unveil private messaging and its unrivaled video capabilities.
Can send message to people who are not vine.
While brands can use it as advertisement like instagram.
The platform is public, but the content is more of a private personal concept.
Its full of humor, and entertainment
Do it for the Vine?
It's a network of communicating information and point of view.
Freedom of Speech and Assembly
Free Press
Right to freely participate in political debate and decision making
"a discursive space in which individuals and groups congregate to discuss matters of mutual interest and where possible, to reach a common judgement."-Jurgen Habermas
Martin Heideggar argued that it is only in the private sphere that one can be one's true authentic self.
Private Sphere= Personal Opinion
Associated with Family and Home
Privacy Rights and the Rights to be left alone
Immune to the capitalist imaginary
Expression of thoughts, reactions, and behavior
Does not require entry to public space that compromise the flexibility of a private and personal sphere.
It does not mean someone is disconnected, it just give the freedom to do it on their own privacy.
Define as web pages that consists of regular or daily posts.
Bloggers blog simply because they want to.
Blogging should not be mistaken for journalism, nor should it be mistaken for a public sphere
Examples of Blog
Digg, Reddit, Netscope, or Newsvine, allow users to determine and vote on the news they deem important.
Habit of reading the news, once a passive and informative pursuit, empowers the citizen who choose to endorse it or not.
Integrators or net newsers, meaning that they get their news from both traditional sources and the internet, or mostly from the internet.
Online allows organic gathering of protest groups or flash mobs
potential powerful or smart
Moveon.org presents that resembles an online shopping arcade of political candidates and issues
Meet-up groups provide avenues for online and offline action and reaction strategies.
Globally, platforms like Facebook allow remotely located individuals to connect over shared interests and beliefs, and donate to, and recruit support for, the cause they are interested in.
Go into your Private Sphere group and Public Sphere group to from your answer based on the spectrum of your view point
Information in the past was widely spread through newspapers, televisions, magazines, and radio.
Internet=faster spread of information.
How information is spread and used can blur the lines between public and private sphere?
A public sphere is universal open, while the private sphere is subjective to selective group.
The media provides for a medium to exchange information.
Television, newspaper, radio are other forms of exchanging information.
Media on the internet has become more flexible medium to foster public discussion on a wider platform.
A picture worth a thousand words... the development of the word "selfie" emerges
A virtual world where people can share a photos and a videos
A snapshot into someone life
It blurs the lines between private and public
It invites people into your world
While the ability to have a private profile but people want the likes, comments
Some people are Instagram famous
People feel more connected to each other through photo and video sharing
But are they truly in the public sphere.
Does Twitter contribute towards the creation of a public sphere?
a sphere of connection and not isolation, as it serves primarily to connect the personal to the political, and the self to the polity and society
Searching using hashtags, current tweets, and current Twitter trends display
Twitter is predominantly an information medium, not a communication tool.
Politics is a minority topic while entrainment is dominate.
Do you believe there is freedom of speech and public opinion?
A public sphere, "a society engaged in in critical public debate"
Can meaningful political debate be based on 140 characters short message?
Short text may invite a response and be expression of the people opinion and be the speed of today culture.
Does Facebook contribute towards the creation of a public sphere or a private sphere?
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