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How business and industry affect music-makers and users

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Michael Groves

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of How business and industry affect music-makers and users

Music as a Commodity
How does this link to music?
Market Forces
Trends are the type of music people enjoy. Basically whatever is popular at the time.
Illegal downloads have impacted upon this.

Spotify and Youtube have impacted upon this as people can listen to music for free and the
How business and industry affect music-makers and users
LO4 Know how business and industry affect music-makers and users.
Music as a Commodity.
Market Forces.
Economic Power of the Individual.
Record Companies.
Collective Music Groups.
Corporate Sponsorship.
Publishing and Printing.
Non-government funding.
Amateur Music Makers.

Record Companies
Major Record Companies Vs. Indie Record Companies
A commodity is a marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs.
How does downloading music without paying affect the artist?
The best way to get your music is to buy it!
Read the articles and then we'll discuss.
What makes an artist or a song popular?

Make a list of all the possible ways you can think of.
Largest catalogue of recording rights
Most of them have publishing companies
Control distribution
Smaller client list
Several thousand in the UK
rarely include publishing and
What is buyout?
List pro's and con's for an artist using the services of both types of record company
Collective Music Groups
What is Industry Lobbying Power?
Developing the relationship or activities, with the intent to influence current of future legislation relating to music. This is how music and politics work together.
UK Music (2008). MU, PPL, PRS, etc.

What are the links between music and the government?

List as many examples as you can think of and we'll discuss them.
Corporate Sponsorship
Philanthropy or Strategy?
Case Study:

So you’re the business manager of folk-bluegrass group Apples and Oranges. The band’s catchy new single “Pickin’ Two” just aired in an episode of Weeds. Meanwhile, Apples and Oranges Myspace play counts are up, “Pickin’ Two” single sales just spiked on iTunes, and you’ve just talked to a third company who wants to talk with A&O to discuss a brand-and-band relationship. One of them is from Pepperidge Farms and wants the band to write a few jingles for a TV ad campaign, another is from Wrigley’s and just offered to pay for a music video that featured Apples and Oranges chewing gum, and a third is from Jack Daniel’s and wants to provide all of the liquor at A&O events and parties. Welcome to the world of corporate branding.
What are the pro's and con's for musicians and users?
Non-government funding.

Amateur music makers and self financing.
How has technology affected amateur music makers?
How has the internet affected amateur music makers?
How can musicians finance their career?
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