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Our Expanding Nation

No description

Tenaya pitts

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Our Expanding Nation

Our Expanding Nation
Jacksonian Democracy
Explain the impact of the election of Andrew Jackson. What were their political and economic philosophies ? What were Jackson's views on the common man? What were the federal and Indian polices during the Jacksonian era?
Manifest Destiny
How did religious movements, and other social reasons affect Westward Expansion? What are some economic reasons for Westward Expansion, and what specific group of people moved west for those reasons? What is the chronology of American land acquisition and westward Expansion?
Great Reformers
What was the impact of the Women's Rights Movement on the U.S.A? What was the impact of the temperance movement on our society? What was the impact of the public education movement on our society?
Industrial Revolution
Questions: What was the impact of the Cotton Gin, and other technological advancements on the process of mass production and manufacturing? How did various inventions impact the economic development of differing areas of the country? How was mass production resulting in rapiad industrialization?

:The impact of the election of Andrew Jackson made a lot of different changes to the U.S. Modern democratic politics was mostly driven by greed and self-interest. The political parties did whatever they could by law to get votes because they were so selfish over power.
Andrew Jackson's views on the common man were good. He believed they needed a change to have a voice in the government and also vote.

This caption is about the Trail of Tears. This is when 4,000 Natives dead when walking to present-day Oklahoma. The reason for there walk was because Andrew Jackson inorced the Indian Removal Act with gave the natives land from west of the Mississippi River.
The federal and state Indian polices during the Jacksonian era as mostly about the Worcester v. Georgia case.It was mostly about how the natives could stay in Georgia on there land but later on Jackson had them removed from there lands,that is what lead them to the Trail of Tears.
This caption is about the common man having a say in the government. Also how they got the right to vote and how they helped Andrew Jackson get elected.
Religious movement affected westward movement because many people thought some of the new religious would civilize the region. Some economic reasons for westward expansion was the desire of land, money, and more job opportunity's. Expansion also grew when gold discovery was popular leading to a huge group for gold miners. The chronology was mainly that they could stay on their inital land.
This picture is mainly stating that they have started a new life in the because of Manifest Destiny because it says "in the far west".
This is a picture of gold miners looking for gold. This is one of the reasons expansion grew.
The impact of the Women's Rights movement granted woman the right to vote which gave them a voice in the government. The impact of the temperance movement really didn't have a big change because people still nowadays overpower the usage of alcohol so it didn't really work. The impact of the public education movement was good because a lot of kids where home schooled and didn't learn that much and also some kids didn't go to school at all like the Blacks because they weren't allowed to learn how to read and write. It did work because it gave kids a improved education and a new start in life.
This picture represents the public education movement that Horace Mann believed cold help lower class kids.
This picture represents Women's Rights and how they protested to so their voice could be heard by the government
THe Cotton gin
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