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Galileo Galilei & Martin Luther

No description

Pristina Mendoza

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Galileo Galilei & Martin Luther

Galileo Galilei &
Martin Luther

John Tran & Pristina Mendoza
> born in 1564
^ Pisa, Italy
> studied to become a medical doctor
^ fascinated by astronomy
> 1609, discovered "looking glass"
^ Hans Lippershey
> built larger one
The reason why we have chosen these historical figures is because we thought that they made a significant difference in their lives and the lives of others.
ex) Galileo: universe is heliocentric; not geocentric
Martin Luther: "reformation" = interpret/reinterpret Bible in their own way
> allowed him to see things no one else had
^ moon was solid & pitted/scarred

Galileo Galilei
> translated Bible to vernacular
Martin Luther
> EARTH revolved around Sun
^heliocentric. not geocentric
>Burned a bull from Pope Leo X in public assembly
^barely escaped execution
> great effect on thinkers of time
> without his knowledge of astronomy we wouldn't be able to observe the universe as we do now
> discovered the "looking glass" or "telescope"
> against the official dogma of the Church
>born in November 10 1483
^ Eisleben, Saxony-Anhalt
> baptized as a Catholic
^became a German monk, Catholic priest, and a professor of theology

> Built his own church in Germany
^shocked by the corruption and dishonesty he saw
^"The nearer one gets to Rome, the farther one gets from God."

> believed that the Bible was the true spiritual guide
^Translated to the vernacular
^printing press = cheap/quick copies of vernacular Bible
>translated the Bible into the vernacular
>Spread the word to other regions of the world
>authored the "95 Theses"
>went against the church
^Church called the Inquisition
^indefinite house arrest
> believed Church's dogma was wrong
^didn't need to pay indulgences
^persons faith was enough
>discovered "looking glass"
>heliocentric, not geocentric
>discoveries went against the dogma of the Church
>authored "95 Theses"
>beliefs went against the Church
>Made significant difference
>went against the teachings of the Church
Church don't like me
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