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Khmer Rouge attack and The Execution(pgs.195-208)

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k lusk

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Khmer Rouge attack and The Execution(pgs.195-208)

Khmer Rouge attack and The Execution(pgs.195-208)
Summary: the chapter starts when they are in a hut and the Khmer Rouge start attacking. The father of the family takes them to a shelter, and the shelter is filling up very quickly. In the shelter many of the people are sleeping on the dirt floor from not having anything to lay on. While they were laying on the ground a rocket hit their shelter killing Pithy in the process.
Khmer Rouge Attack
Setting: In the beginning of the chapter Loung and her siblings are in a large hut with a family that is not their own, She is in the hut with Chou and Kim they are considered workers in the hut.They have been (family jumping) since they lost their own. They are by a forest and a river, where they get wood,food,and water. While they are here,they are being bombed by the Khmer Rouge,
Setting: Loung, Kim, and Chou are in a tent with Meng and Khouy, they are close by a jail where a riot going on. Near by is an execution chair where a man is about to be executed.
summary: While Meng and Khouy are asleep the 3 children escape to see the execution, They see a prisoner being pulled by 2 men onto a chair in the middle of a crowd of people. There are ropes covering his arms and legs which are covered in blood,

when the 2 men face the prisoner and yell at the crowd they will execute him for his crimes. 2 women yelled at the guards that the prisoner killed their family.. From the crowd an old women comes up with a hammer and hits him the head with a hammer which kills him.Loung is reminded of Pithy and her Fathers death!
Khmer Rouge Attack
First They Killed My Father
By: Loung Ung

I thought the world really hated me. I spent 4 hours a day being taught that people wanted me dead. - Loung Ung
summary:After the attack everyone is running out of the shelter, but the Khmer Rouge starts walking towards them and start shooting again. Loung, Chou, and Kim take cover behind a wall where hornets attack them after a couple of hours. When it is safe to move Loung and the family go back to the village where the father lives. She knows that her time with this family is cut short when she is told a new family is ready for her.
Summary: Kim found their brother Meng and is taking, Chou, Loung, and Kim with him. They found Khouy ,who was living with Meng. Loung and her siblings are going to find their aunt and uncle in Bat Deng.
The Execution (pages 203-208)
What do you think the Khmer Rouge attack will be about?
What do you think the Execution will be about?
~Was this the same as what you thought at the beginning of the power point?

~What do you think about it now?

~What would you do if this happened to you?

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