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Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

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April Marco

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

The New Science of Leading Change

Part 1: The New Science of Leading Change
Leadership is Influence
"At the end of the day, what qualifies people to be called leaders is their capacity to influence others to change their behavior in order to achieve important results"
Systematic and intentional actions aimed at influencing very specific behavior
Influencers do exist and is learnable!
Part 2" Engage Six Sources
Help Them Love What They Hate (Personal Motivation)
Influencers help people change how they feel about vital behaviors by connecting them with human consequences both through direct experience and through potent stories

Become an Influencer
"Influence doesn't come by accident. It comes through careful diagnosis, patient testing, and eventual success with all three keys to influence."
Big Ideas / Take Away
The Three Keys to Influence
Focus and Measure
Find Vital Behaviors
Engage all six sources of influence
Find Vital Behaviors
Notice the obvious
Look for crucial moments
Learn from positive deviants
Spot culture busters
Help Them Do What They Can't (Personal Ability)
New behavior require new skills. Over invest in helping people learn how to master skills and emotions.
Provide Encouragement (Social Motivation)
Harness the power of social influence by engaging leaders and opinion leaders in encouraging vital behaviors
Provide Assistance (Social Ability)
People need more than just encouragement; they often need help in order to change how they act during crucial moments
Change Their Economy (Structural Motivation)
Modestly and intelligently reward early successes. Punish only when necessary. Be sure to use incentives third, not first.
Change Their Space (Structural Ability)
Change people's physical surroundings to make good behavior easier and bad behavior harder
Part 1: The New Science of Leading Change
Part 2: Engage in Six Sources
"This is the one!
Catchy title
Team of authors
Gut Reaction
Help Them Love What They Hate
Help Them Do What They Can't
Provide Encouragement
Provide Assistance
Change Their Economy
Change Their Space
"What are you a possibility of?"
Dr. Mangiofico
Can you be an influencer?
Leading/Creating Change - it only takes a few focused strategic behavioral change
Allowing for Choice
Creating Direct Experience
Presented By: April Marco
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