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Introduction to Visual Aids

No description

Dara Michelle Neher

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Visual Aids

Introduction to Visual Aids
Chapter 13 Part 1 & 2.
The guiding question to ask when deciding whether to use a visual aid is
Does this make the message clearer or more memorable?
Digital video file formats are universal, so they can be played on any computer.
That is a true statement, a USB as well as an online version of power point, called Prezi. Is available to use on any computer.
Visual Aids should be used when
What is the best reason one should avoid using visual aids?
When the visuals are irrelevant to your speech. You will loose your credibility.
Good speeches always use power point slides.
That is false, you do not need to give any type of visual aid, in order to make your speech good.
You wish to clarify the meaning of words, to target the emotions of the audience, and when words can not describe something.
Both, using visual aids will enlighten the audience by making a clear observation of your speech, as well as making it memorable.
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