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Technology Graphics

No description

Matthew McCulloch

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology Graphics

Technology Graphics Matthew McCulloch Design Brief I have to design a swing tag label of my own design for my range of clothing and creatively The House Day was a limitation for Graphics, being sick a fair few times did not help me either when I lost approximately 3 days of Graphics. Design Limitations P: Makes a diamond and using fingers (creative)
M: Hard to understand what it is
I: If understandable, you can see its to show peace. P: It looks cool and fashionable
M: It isn't that much
I: Cool shading. P: Simple and easy
M: Looks like it need editing
I: Looks like Co which means company and looks like a mountain. P: Shows peace.
M: Look-a-like of the first one
I: Looks fun P: Simple
M: Boring and doesnty

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