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Railroad Workers Union


Matt Lauzon

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Railroad Workers Union

Railroad Workers Union 20th Century: The Railroad is born During this time, there was still alot of discrimination, making African Americans easily employable for cheap labor And by 1920, there were more than 20,000 African-Americans working in the train industry as porters That's this many people 1925 marked the begining of the Brotherhood Of Sleeping Car Porters Union Officially recognized as the first African-American union to sign an agreement with a major US organization, the Pullman Porters The working conditions were tough Needed to work 400 hours, or at least 11,000 miles to receive full pay 1941 workers organized a march on washington to oppose federal government for reserving the right to hire white people exclusively in federal jobs before the march happened, president Roosevelt signed executive order 8802, banning discrimination against African-Americans 1964 saw another march held, led by: Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr. Roy Wilkins On August 28th more than 250,000 African Americans marched on Washington to get equal pay, the right to vote, and to ban discriminaton in schools They earned as little as 50 a month
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