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Interior Design

No description

Reem Kabital

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Interior Design

Interior Design Who are the Interior Designers? Interior designers are creative, imaginative and artistic people that are organized open-mided desciplined What do Interior Designers do? Combining knowledge with artistic visions, interior designers work with clients and other design professionals, such as architects and engineers, to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space. They decorate and design the interior of a space while balancing their and their client's taste giving them the priority. Keys to Being a Successful Designer Satisfying their clients is the main source if the designers success, hence their fortune also depends
on their client's satisfactory. To be able to reach the satisfaction interior designers should maintain interpersonal communication skills,
management strategies and understand the artistic and technical requirements of a project. Interior designers must know how to plan and design a space and how to present that plan visually so that it can be communicated to the client. They must also know about the materials and products that will be used to
create and furnish the space, and how texture, color, lighting and other
factors combine and interact to make a space. Interior designers must understand the structural requirements
of their plans, the health and safety issues, building codes, and
many other technical aspects. Interior designers must be comfortable meeting and dealing with many kinds of people. They mustcommunicate clearly and effectively, as well as be attentive listeners. Because they often must work with architects, contractors and other service providers, interior designers need to be both good team leaders and good team players. They must be willing to negotiate and mediate when necessary to solve problems. Interior designers must have excellent time and project management abilities since they frequently work on more than one project at a time under demanding deadlines. Interior designers must understand business planning, and they need to know how to sell their ideas to clients, create informative and persuasive proposals and presentations, and maintain good client relationships. Being an interior designer may be very hard work but those who do it well
find it very satisfying. To be selected as ones interior designer one must have
excess information about engineering, design and art. Excelling at interior design requires energy, technical proficiency, vision and dedication. Why choose Zayed University? Zayed University prepares its students with the appropriate technical skills and conceptual knowledge to be able to design functional, safe and artistically appealing spaces for their clients. They are prepared to cover small residential to large commercial projects. The interior design curriculum in Zayed University offers interior design studio courses and a selection of electives such as color and light design and furniture design. Zayed University prepares its students to able to work after graduation as professional interior designers either in the private or public sectors or as freelancers. What Courses are Offered for the Interior Design Students? The Principles of Design is a course taken by all art students that is offered in the first semester of the second year. During the second semester of the second year courses like Art Appreciation, Basic Graphic Design,
Art Foundations and Arts of the Modern World are parts of the student's schedule. Admission Criteria: Students must fulfill the following requirements
for acceptance:
completion of 42 semester credit hours or more
attainment of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher of passing grades (“D” or better) in COL 105, COL 110,
COL 111, COL 120, COL 130, COL 135, COL 140, COL 145,
COL 150, COL 155, COL 230, COL 240, COL 250 and two
Comparative Professional Systems (xxx 125) courses Zayed University also necessitates its students to apply for an internship. Learning Outcomes: Achieve theory and history of art and design.
Get effective art and design practice.
Critical thinking.
Visual literacy.
Information technology. Interview: -What do you study? What’s your specialization?

I have an interest in the art and design department, so I chose to specialize in interior design.

-What/who did inspire you to take this major?

I was always known as the artist when I was a kid and I like to challenge myself that’s why I chose this major and to make my parents proud.

-Did you face any difficulties while studying this major? What are they?

There’s always doubts whether am in the right major or not because am interested in a lot of things but every time I finish a project I feel like I accomplished something and proud of my self. Another difficulty is when I am not doing good through out a project it brings me down and I feel stuck.

-How can you overcome these difficulties?

I try to move on and breath a little in between projects which means squeezing some fun time for myself also having pep talks from my friends helps a lot.

-What do you think is the most important requirements for majoring interior design?

Being in love with it and being ready for the workload.

-What do you think that a person should have in his/her personality to study this major?

They should be super precise and detailed and they should not crack under pressure.

-What are the skills that are needed for this major?

In this major you learn skills from the university and independently but before that you should probably have some drawing skills (basic art skills) and history and principles about art and design.

-What do you think the students will gain from studying this major?

They would become professional designers

-What are the steps that students should follow to get a high GPA?

You can never ever delay your work. It’s not a research paper that you can do last minute. It is about a long process of design development.
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