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Action Project

No description

Rebecca Bycofski

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Action Project

"The ocean is like a soup
of plastic mostly composed of
fragments invisible to the human
eyes, killing life and affecting
dangerously our health."

-Pierre Fidenci, President of
Endangered Species International Changing the World:

One Bottle at a Time The Big Problem:
Plastic on the
Environment Alternatives
to Plastic Boomerang
Water Student
Surveys We Can Make
A Change Conclusion Boomerang water bottles are one hundred percent recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any harm
to the environment or you. Being made from mostly
recovered materials, such as
aluminum, Boomerang bottles are
one-hundred times better for the environment than plastic bottles. -These 3 eco-friendly bottles are not TRUE alternatives to one-time use plastic water bottles because they are reusable. They also are not sold in a vending machine or at snack stands where one-time use water bottles are readily available. It takes approximately ninety-five percent less carbon dioxide to recycle Boomerang bottles than
to recycle plastic bottles. Boomerang bottles have
ZERO landfill contributions. Twenty to one reduction in carbon footprint after first use versus plastic bottled water. Glass & Aluminum Boomerang water is offered in both of which are convenient, Earth-friendly bottle options. "It is an eco-friendly water
bottle breakthrough"
-Charlotte Observer Clearwater
Manufacturing, one of
Boomerang's partners, has created
a mini-water-bottling machine no larger
than a hotel icemaker. It sanitizes, fills,
and caps 2000 glass or aluminum bottles of
water per day on site for immediate sale and consumption. 360 Paper Water Bottle These are paper based bottles made from
100% renewable food safe resources; they are
fully recyclable. These bottles are
sold in select stores and are not widely popular
in the nation; they are not a true solution because they still contribute an amount of waste, even though they are made out of renewable products. James DeGraw,
founder and CEO
of Renew Refreshments "We are focused on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices." Two potential options
for Athens City Schools: 1. Purchase a Boomerang
production system: $100,000 outright plus the cost of upkeep and employees
-Athens City Schools would employ workers to run the machine and deliver the bottles to the high school, middle school, and elementary schools. 2. Order filled bottles from Renew Refreshments as needed: $1.20 per bottle plus apx. $0.30 per custom label
-The company takes care of the machine and delivers the bottles
to all of the requested
locations. This will allow the school to test out this beneficial alternative without the full financial commitment. This option will also allow for more leniency from the Pepsi contract held with Athens City Schools to permit the school to use these bottles. We Suggest option number
two--ordering bottles from Renew
Refreshments rather than the outright
purchase of a water-bottling system. But this wouldn't work! Reusing plastic bottles compromises the quality of the water. As the bottle gets older, more and more phthalate leaches its way into the water. Using and reusing aluminum bottlecans would eliminate this problem. Our Plan: 1. Present to all of you! Earning the
support of our peers will help to make this
idea become a reality. 2. Present to the AHS Athletic Boosters. A great place to start is during athletic events where most people purchase 2-3 bottles during a single game. 3. Begin a contract with Renew Refreshments to get
reusable bottles in the concession stands at all
AHS sporting events. 4. Help the environment! It may be a small start
at first, but we really can MAKE A CHANGE! During an
interview with
James DeGraw,
we asked how an
investment in his
company would
benefit the
Athens area: 1. The Local implications: 2. 3. 4. With as little as a 20% return rate, both
Renew Refreshments and Athens City Schools will make
a profit--about $0.50 profit per bottle for Athens. Mr. DeGraw's company will donate a portion of
their profits made at Athens City Schools, about $0.05 per bottle, to a local Athens charity. Aluminum is the most abundant element
on earth, this 16.9 oz Aluminum bottlecan is
100% recyclable, giving 100% back when
reused, and allows for infinite reuses. The recycling center only makes $2,400 per year through the recycling of plastics. This includes plastic water bottles, milk jugs, and other number 1 and 2 plastics. A 2001 report of the World
Wide Fund for Nature suggested
that water bottles be washed and reused in
order to lessen their negative impact on the
environment. Renew Refreshments intends to expand
their company to sell other beverages as well. Various businesses will have an opportunity to use these
reusable bottles, and AHS can eventually sell
other beverages in these bottles in
addition to water. We conducted a random survey during study halls of students at Athens High School. Overall, students were supportive of our initiative to reduce the use of plastic water bottles at AHS sporting events. 78% of students who were surveyed said that they would be willing to use a reusable, biodegradable bottle in place of a plastic water bottle and would be willing to return these bottles to a specially marked bin if they were sold at sporting events. "There is no point in wasting plastic bottles when you could just use bottles that are biodegradable. That's why pastic water bottles need to be changed. Saving the environment is worth taking a few extra steps toward a bin." -"I love the environment and I'm super down to save the earth by eliminating the usage of plastic water." Statistics 60 Million plastic water bottles are thrown away daily in the United States.
According to "National Geographic," Americans drink more bottled water than any other nation, purchasing an impressive 29 billion bottles every year.
Americans used an average of 29.2 Gallons per person in 2011.
Only about 13% of these 29 billion bottles is recycled.
80 percent of plastic bottles end up in landfills or are burned in incinerators. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This is a slogan that we have all been hearing since elementary school. The ultimate goal of our Action Project is to REDUCE the amount of plastic waste at AHS sporting events by REUSING these aluminum bottlecans, which are 100% RECYCLABLE, until they get to the point where they are too damaged to use. We plan on starting a contract with Renew Refreshments to have the Boomerang bottles put into the concession stands at AHS. When we asked a janitor if the amount of water bottles collected was more or less than usual, Deborah said: "I would say that's much less than the amount I see everyday thrown in the trash." "The majority of plastic products I see in the trash everyday all around the school are plastic water bottles. It makes me mad that people throw them in the trash, which is taken to the dump, when there are plenty of recycling bins in the school." Camelbak Water Bottles Sigg Sigg water bottles are Swiss made, constructed out of lightweight recycled-aluminum, and lined with coating to prevent the aluminum from flavoring the contents of the bottle. These bottles are sold for $21.99-$30.00 *Statistics found on www.bottledwater.org Platypus Platy Platypus are BPA-free, 0.5-liter plastic bottles. These light weight bottles are sold at the inexpensive price of $6.95, only a couple more dollars than a one-time use plastic water bottle. Camelbak bottles are made out of BPA-free plastic in a 32-ounce container. These bottles cost between $11 and $15. "Plastic bottles contain BPA, the chemical
used to make the plastic hard and clear. BPA is
an endocrine disruptor which has been proven to
be hazardous to human health. It has been
strongly linked to a host of health problems
including certain types of cancer, neurological
difficulties, early puberty in girls, reduced
fertility in women, premature labour, and
defects in newborn babies – to name a
few examples."
-OneGreenPlanet.org If reusable, biodegradable water bottles were sold at sporting events, would you be willing to return them to a specially marked bin so they can be cleaned and reused? How can you help? By signing this petition, you are showing your support for reusable bottles in Athens City Schools. Help us to show the Athens High School Athletic Boosters that AHS students want to help the environment! -"I think plastic bottled water is the single stupidest thing that corporate America has invented." How many plastic water bottles do you drink per week? Grade level of Students: 79 students surveyed Compared to other plastic non-
reusable and reusable bottles, the benefits
of Boomerang bottles are immeasurable. Plastic bottles harm the environment, pose various health risks, and add to landfills. 1. 2. 3. Reusable plastic bottles cannot be purchased at snack stands and are not intended to be recycled. They also contribute to landfills if thrown away. Boomerang bottles
use 95% less carbon to
recycle and have a 20-1 reduction in carbon the footprint on the
environment. Statistics prove that water bottles have a negative impact on our society. Choosing our alternative to water bottles is a way to help the future of our environment and promote a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. C R B C R Roger Bail on plastic's impact on his business: "Because plastic is so hard to compact, we can't get as many tons of it in a truckload so we don't make as much per load of plastic as we do on other recyclables." Renew Refreshment's Mission Statement:
"Empowering responsibility by producing
and distributing sustainable,
recyclable, and innovative alternatives
to plastic bottled beverages."
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http://naturecritical.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/recycle_logo_copy.gif By Christina, Brynn, Kat, and Rebecca
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