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Allstar Brands Marketing Presentation

No description

Dhwani Pandya

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Allstar Brands Marketing Presentation

Overall Goal
Strategic Objectives
Marketing Plan - 5Cs

To be a profitable market leader of over-the-counter (OTC) cold, cough, and allergy medication

Marketing Plan - STP
Performance Objectives -
Where we started from
Marketing Mix - 4Ps
Marketing Objectives and Actual Results

Long Term Marketing Objectives:
Develop successful and long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders
Penetrate more into the existing markets and establish new products that cater to the needs of non-existing markets

Short Term Marketing Objectives:
achieving strong company profits,
increasing our market share,
introducing new quality products,
maintaining strong customer satisfaction and brand awareness
developing excellent channel support
Company -
strong brand,
ability to extend/introduce timely and effective products

Customers - consumers fighting against
cold, cough, allergies

Collaborators -
salesforce, detailers, retailers, distributors, and ad agency

Competitors -
B&B, Curall, Driscoll, Ethik (general)

Context -
highly competitive landscape
competitors come up with new products/extensions fairly regularly
Segmentation (what alternatives exist) -
life cycle based
needs based

Targeting (what segment are we targeting)-
Allround - full cough and cold market
Allround + - children, and cold market
Allright - full allergy market

Positioning (what is our value prop and how we will achieve desired outcomes?) -
sound marketing mix
produce timely and highly effective medication that consumers really need
win market share from competitors
Product -
Reformulated Allround to remove alcohol in year 2
Introduced Allround+ in year 4
Introduced Allright in year 6
Always thinking about the next reformulation/introduction

Place - each of our products sold at all retail outlets including
independent drugstores, grocery stores, chain drugstores, convenience stores, mass merchandise stores, and wholesale stores

Price - depends on several factors
cost of production
anticipated market growth
competitors pricing
inflation rate

Promotion -
participate in co-op advertising at all retail outlets
give a good % of allowance to gain shelf space
spend in POS displays
give out coupons if we have to raise the price too much
give out trial sizes for newer products

Objective : To grow the purchases across all products relative to market growth
Objective : To increase brand awareness, trial, conversion and retention rates
Result :
How we left Allstar
How we left Allstar
Advice to New Management
Performance Results:
Raising the price is ok until customers perceive benefit from the added cost

Monitor capacity utilization
Optimal capacity utilization - 97% - 107%
If it gets too high, substantial price increase will be needed, which might not be perceived as a value add

Stock Price is a good estimate of whether you are doing good or bad

Pay attention to industry outlook, surveys, and reports
When introducing new products or extensions, don't cannibalize your own market from a different product

Even if the company is doing good, take risks and introduce new products
Remember more risk = more return (usually)

Effectively manage budget
Use the entire budget
Across products
based on their life cycles
based on market growth

Spend consistently on advertising budget
Justin Brown,
Jacqueline Dabrah,
Dhwani Pandya,
Andres Romero,
Mathew Vaida

Objective : To increase shelf space across all channels
Marketing Objective and Actual Result
Objective : To increase pricing, and ensure that consumers perceive value in the added cost
Result :
Marketing Objectives and Actual Results
Company Stock Price:
Brand Market Share:
How we left Allstar
Brand Awareness, Trial, Conversion, and Retention Rates:
Sales Force:
Shelf Space:
Objective : To increase stock price every year
Result :
Thank You!
Too much good is bad
Problem : An overwhelming demand from customers, resulted in blown over capacity
Fix :
Increased our prices
Reduced demand
Increased our profits
Reduced costs
Our Key Success Story
Key Take-Aways
Advice to New Management
Key Take-Aways
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