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No description

Justan Vance

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Summarizing

Summarizing - To give a brief statement about the main details of a text or video.
Step 2 : Details
Look for the most important details about the topic.
Step 3
Restate the topic and important details in a short paragraph .
Let's try this together!
Watch the following video. After you are finished watching the video, be prepared to write a brief summary and discuss it with the class.
Go Through The Steps
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 1: Topic
Find the topic of the text or video.
I can summarize a written text and a video.
I can explain the 3 steps of summarizing.

Woolly Mammoth Tusks
Found in the tundra
Worth $100,000.00
Products are sold in China
Finished products worth millions
Use your own words.
Woolly mammoth tusks are being found in the tundra. The tusks and their products are being sold in China. They are worth
a lot of money, even millions of dollars.
Finding a topic
Identifying Important Details
Restating the topic and important details in a paragraph using your own words
Now, you are on your own...
Read this article
Follow the three steps of summarizing to create a short paragraph
Show me what you've learned!!!!
Fill in the blanks on the summarizing book mark with the correct words
HINT: Words may be used more than once!!
THE END!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!
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