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No description

Marie Alvarez

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Alvarez

A Patzloff Joke
When August was in World War 1, he was in Infantry (foot soldier) and had the option of being in the Calvary (horses). But he declined going into the Calvary because if they hollered "retreat", he didn't want to wait around for a horse.

Patzloff Family
Gustaf Patzloff
Born in Germany in 1857
Married Lena Patzloff
Had children August, Max, Bertha, Ernest, Anna, Frank, Clare, Amanda, Martha, and Lena
Emigrated from Germany landed in Ellis Island, then moved to Wahoo, Saunders County, NE
Half of the family name changed to Patzlaff
August Gustav Dittrich Patzloff
Son of Gustaf and Lena Patzloff
Born Jul. 31, 1899 in Wahoo, Saunders County, NE
Married Wayve Patzloff
Had children Ronald (Joe), Norma, Evelyn, Elaine, Clarence (Clem), Guy, Wendell (Bud), and Lee Dwayne (Dewey)
Fought in World War 1
Ronald (Joe) Patzloff
Son of August and Wayve Patzloff
Born Jul. 08, 1934 in Lincoln, NE
First Patzloff to be born in a hospital
Youngest boy of all eight children but seventh born
Graduated from Ceresco High School in Nebraska
Moved to Holtville, CA in 1965
Adopted children Dina and Michael
Dina Patzloff
Daughter of Ronald (Joe) and Rose Patzloff
Born April. 29, 1970
Married Alfredo Alvarez
Had children Marie, Devon, Sarah, Kalin, and Gunnar
Moved to Imperial
Played sports, went to the Army, and graduated from Holtville High School
The Patzloffs
The name originated in Germany
The only PATZLOFF family in the U.S
All decedents of Gustaf
Related to Patzlaff's
Gustaf Patzloff -Grampa's grandfather
August Gustav Dittrich Patzloff-Grampa's dad
Ronald Eugene Patzloff-Grampa
Dina Patzloff-Mommy
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