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Mojang History

The history of Mojang, main project

Matthew Brundan

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Mojang History

The Creators of Minecraft.
View updates at http://www.mojang.com/ Mojang's History Markus Perrson was the founder of Mojang AB.
In may 2009. He made Mojang because he wanted to make a private studio instead of working for a company (He wanted to be his own boss). How Mojang was made. Scrolls Cobalt catacomb Snatch Minecraft was there first title. Minecraft was released as a developmental "alpha" release on May 17, 2009, with a beta version on December 20, 2010. Official versions for iOS and Android have been released and the full version of the PC game was released on November 18, 2011 at MineCon 2011. On May 9, 2012, Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade game, co-developed by 4J Studios. As of May 25, 2012, the game has sold over six million copies on PC and over nine million copies across all platforms Scrolls is a role-playing video game, independently developed by Mojang which aims to combine elements from trading card games and traditional board games, in the strategy genre. Scrolls task was originally taken and developed by Jakob Porsér; who strived, along with Markus Persson, for a game that was currently missing from the market. The game will be developed using the Unity game engine, allowing it to run on multiple gaming platforms. Scrolls was announced on March 2, 2011, as Mojang's second game. Cobalt is an action-oriented side-scrolling video game in development by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang. It is still in alpha and is currently being developed for Windows.

Cobalt features several different game modes that are available, such as capture the flag, Deathmatch, Survival, and an unfinished Campaign, along with a full tutorial on the controls. Along with these features, a map editor is to be released for the game as well. Catacomb Snatch is a shoot 'em up strategy game with steampunk and Ancient Egypt themes developed by Mojang. Both the genre and theme were picked by a survey on Mojang's website.

Catacomb Snatch was made for the Humble Bundle Mojam by Mojang where 100% of proceeds would go, in the donor's chosen distribution, to four charities/non-profit organizations, including charity: water, Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and American Red Cross. The Mojam sold 81,575 bundles and raised US$ $458,248.99. 0x10c is a sandbox-type science fiction space game currently being developed by Mojang. It was announced via Twitter by the game's lead designer, Markus Persson on April 3, 2012. 0x10c Trailers Of
By Matthew Brundan :) Thanks for watching. I have used frames, pathing, picture, videos, text, a theme and a link.
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