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Who was the best Tudor monarch

Yr 8 History Assessment Mr Wilcox

Olivia Dennis

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Who was the best Tudor monarch

In Conclusion I believe that Queen Mary was the best Tudor Monarch of all time as she directed the spanish Armada and was a good queen. I did not choose the others as Mary killed too many people in a horrid manor, Edward may have been a good king but he was made king at a young age, Henry killed many and had started a new religion just to divorce a women so he could have a son to rule and Lady Jane Grey was only queen for 9 days! So to conclude Elizabeth was the greatest/best Tudor monarch! Henry VIII Who was the best Tudor Monarch? Henry was born on June the 28th 1491 in Greenwich Palace.He was crowned king of England in April 1509 at the age of 17.Henry married Catherine of Aragon in 1509, after he was made King.Henry wanted a son to rule after his death as he believed that men were better rulers and a son would carry on the family name.As Catherine was to old to carry any more children, Henry asked the catholic pope (as that was the religion followed in England at the time) for a divorce, he said no. Henry was angry as he was the king, that he should be able to do what ever he wanted. Henry decided that he would make his own religion to follow. He named it Protestant, and replaced most of the churches in England with this religion. Henry Divorced Catherine and married Anne Boleyn in 1553.In total Henry had 6 wived 2 were divorced 2 were beheaded 1 died and 1 outlived Henry. When Henry died he wanted his only son, Edward to be king, not his older half sisters Mary and Elizabeth.Henry died on 1547. King Edward VI Edward was born on 12th October 1537 in Hampton court palace to Jane Seymour. After his fathers death in 1547, as he was Henry's only male heir to the throne, he was made king at the age of 9 years old. Edward followed the religion of protestant and carried on trying to rid the country of the religion of catholic, much to his sisters dismay. Edward was not fit to rule England as he was to young. When his uncle killed his favorite pet, he was executed. Edward was a sickly child, always having doctors around him. At the age of 16 Edward became ill with tuberculosis, a lung disease. Edward died on July 6th. Queen Mary I Mary was born on the 18th February 1516 to Henry and Catherine of Aragon. She was made queen in 1553. Mary believed in Catholic as she did not agree with the reasons why her father started the religion (to divorce her mother). Mary wanted to rid the country of protestant and all who were protestant she burnt alive.In 3 1/2 years she killed over 300 people, she killed the second most people who ruled England, behind her father who killed over 70000 people. The arch bishop of Canterbury was the killed as he was the person who annulled Henry's marriage and made Lady Jane Grey queen. He apologized 6 times but she still killed him with no mercy. When married died in November 1558 there was celebrations lasted for days on end! Lady Jane Grey Jane was made queen after Edwards death after he chose her for the position. Lady Jane Grey was Edwards cousin once removed. Jane was made queen and ruled for 9 days, therefore she was known as the 9 day queen.Mary wanted to be queen and as she was a "Tudor" most of England wanted her to be queen. Jane was beheaded with her husband for treason. Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth was born on September 7th 1533. Elizabeth was made queen in 1559 after her sister died.As Henry and Anne Boleyn marriage was not valid in the eyes of the Catholic's, Elizabeth was not the rightful queen, Mary of scots was. As she was seen as a threat she was executed.
Mary directed the English navy to victory! The spanish were angry as Elizabeth had not punished some sea dogs for plundering some spanish boats. The Spanish meet the English along the channel and even though the spanish were around triple the size of the English they still managed to win. A reason that the English won was because they were used to the weather of England and the spanish were not used to the horrible weather found In England. The English captains were much better then the spanish one, one of the captains even waited until he finished his game of bowls before boarding the vessel! If we would of not won the battle then he would have been seen as stupid and idiotic but as we won he was seen as a magnificent captain! Elizabeth was a amazing a respected queen and she was by far the best ruler in the Tudor era.
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