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Photography Baics

No description

Amanda Guidry

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Photography Baics

Depth of Field
This area appears sharp, whereas areas before and beyond are blurry.

Horizontal vs. Vertical
Which is best in different situations?
Point of View
Are you looking down on the subject?

Are you looking up at the subject?

How close are you to the subject?

Is there anything between you and the subject?
Rule of Thirds
Imagine a frame with a grid of nine equal sections.

The subject should on one of the four points surrounding the central section.
Use Horizontal when...
1. The subject is horizontal
2. The subject is wider than it is tall
3. To allow the subject to move horizontally
4. To convey a sense of space
Taking beautiful photos in a few simple steps
Photography Basics
Photography Basics
The Grid
The focus = Depth of Field
Depth gives perspective
Middle Ground
Back Ground
What's the focus?
Subject is moving horizontally
Use Vertical when...
1. The subject is vertical
2. The subject is taller than it is wide
3. To allow the subject to move vertically
4. To focus attention
Focus on the subject
Eye Level
From Below
From Below
From Above
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