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the family tree of the egyptian gods and goddess

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Haley Ryan

on 31 December 2014

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Transcript of the family tree of the egyptian gods and goddess

Ra (Re)
Ra was the god of the sun and the world . He was the first pharaoh, when the gods lived on earth. Every day he would sail his sun boat across the sky into the underground world called the Daut (underworld).The ancient egyptians loved him, and they celebrated everyday when he returned from the Daut alive to bring day.
Geb and Nut
The after life and the Ba
Egyptian religion and mythology revolved around the afterlife. When you died your body was prepared so you could live in the after life. you were buried with items that you would need in the after life like food and clothing, but for the rich, items ranged from games to a complete book of the dead (a book telling the dead on how to get to the afterlife safetly. In order to get to the afterlife your soul( it was called the Ba) could not die. Your Ba was the thing that made you special it was the most important thing about you.
Some Egyptian sorties
An egyptian story of creation
The first god or goddess( no on really knows) was Nun the dark waters of chaos. One day a hill called Ben-ben rose out of the chaos. On the hill stood Atum the first God. He then coughed up Shu god of the air and wind and Ternut goddess of moisture. Then Shu and Ternut had two children Geb an Nut. Shu lifted Nut into a canopy above Geb. Nut and Geb had four kids:Osiris, Isis,Set and Nephtuys. Osiris was king of the world and Isis was his queen Set became jealous of Osiris and killed him, Osiris went to the under world while Set ruled the world. Isis gave birth to a child named Horus. When Horus was old enough he fought Set and re-claimed his fathers throne.
the family tree of the egyptian gods and goddess
By: Haley Ryan

Ra's story
When Ra ruled the earth there was a golden age where man and god lived together, but as Ra grew old his subjects plotted against him.So he had to call on Sekhmet to calm to rebellion.
Isis wanted to be the most powerful goddess, so one day when old Ra was walking a serpent (made by Isis) bit him and he became ill. Isis offered to heal him but only if he gave her his secret name. Ra resisted for a while until the poison hurt him too much that he gave Isis his secret name. The old and tired God went up to heaven and went onto Nut who was in the shape of a cow.
The golden lotus
Sekhmet is the lion goddess of war. She was Ra's bloodthirsty servent who put a stop to Rebellion's.
Sekhmet's story:
When Ra was old, he needed Sekhmet to calm the rebellion. She was so blood thirsty while doing sp that Ra was appalled. He had 7,000 jugs of magical beer and juice poured on the ground. Sekhmet thinking it was humane blood guzzled it up and became so drunk that she fell asleep before she could destroy the human race.
Geb was the earth and Nut his wife was the sky. Ra had learned of a prophecy that one of Geb and Nut's children would overthrow him. Ra tried to keep them apart so he had Shu god of the wind stand between them so they couldn't make contact with each other.Still Geb and Nut had Four kids.
Osiris original was a nature god. He brought civilization to the Egyptian people , he taught them about agriculture, he made towns and laws, he made temples and instituted ceremonial worship of the gods. Osiris made his brother Set very jealous and angry when he became a very important god.Set became so jealous that he murdered his brother Osiris and cut Osiris's body into small little pieces and scattered them across Egypt.Iisi collected the pieces and made Osiris into the first mummy. Osiris choose to stay and rule the underworld. Osiris is one of Geb and Nuts kids.
Set (Seth)
Set was the God of Evil and thieves.Set was seen as anything that threatened Egypt's harmony. His brother is Osiris. As Osiris became a more important God, Set was seen as his opponent. Set eventually killed and chopped up Osiris in their struggle. Set spread the pieces of Osiris corpse all around Egypt.
there are literally hundreds of egyptian gods so this is only a brief overview and myths.
Set's story
Set was the one who protected Ra during his journey thru the underworld. It was said that Set also killed the evil serpent of Apophis.
Isis was the goddess of magic. She was a protective goddess, so she used her magic to help people in need. She was Osiris wife and she gave birth to Horus the god that defeated Set in reclaiming the throne of Egypt. Isis Is a very clever god and a women who did her own dirty work. She was the one who tricked Ra into getting poisoned and giving her his secret name , after she had that she could force him to do ANYTHING like retiring into the sky so Osiris could become king, She found and helped make the mummy that brought Osiris back to life, she was the one who encouraged Horus to fight his uncle Set, Isis was smart and powerful women, a force to be reckoned with.
Nephthys was a protective goddess like Isis, but she protected the dead. Geb and Nut were her father and mother, Osiris, Set and Isis were her brothers and sister. She was married to Set and she was the mother of Anubis god of the dead. She is often seen on coffins to protect the dead inside. After Set killed Osiris She helped Isis collect the peices of the body and put them back together.
Horus was god of the sky and probably the most well known god of egyptian myhtology.Each pharaoh was thought or portrayed as a living Horus. This helped them gain and keep their power in Egypt. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He fought his uncle Set for the throne when he was grown and he won becoming king of the world. Horus is also called the Avenger because he Avenged his father by fighting his uncle Set. during the battle he lost one of his eyes that was later restored, the eye of Horus became a symbol of protection for the ancient Egyptians.
Shu and Tefnut
Shu was the god of the air and his wife Tefnut was goddess of moisture. They are one of the oldest god and goddess according to an Egyptian creation myth. They are the parents of Geb and Nut.Shu's job was to separate Geb and Nut so they didn't have kids
Anubis was the god of embalming and the dead. He is the son of Set and Nephthys. He also helped Isis embalm Osiris mummy. His head is a jackal because the Egyptians always saw the jackal hanging around graveyards, so they thought that was Anubis watching over the dead. Since He oversaw the embalming of the dead priest would sometimes wear a mask of Anubis while embalming.
Bes was the god of dwarfs, protector of households,mothers and children. He had the power to scare off evil spirits. Bes was one of the most popular gods in Egyptian mythology. In Egypt is you were born a dwarf or born different It was believed that you inherited magic. Bes was considered extremely good luck. It was his job to protect anyone who needed his protection.
the princess of Bekhten
the girl with the rose red slippers

*Gods,Goddess and monsters by Shelia Kennan



*Egyptian mythology by Janell Broyles
Khnemu was the god of the Nile. He had to be kept happy for the Nile to flourish. While the pharaoh symbolized power , the Nile symbolized life itsself. Khnemu was originally a water god but it was said that he created the egg that the sun hatched from.
Throth was the god of writing,wisdom and magic.He was also the god of wise baboons. Throth invented hieroglyphics and all the arts and sciences such as music to medicine. He is also the guardian of the crescent moon. It was said that he hatched the egg that created the gods and goddess with a single sound.
Babi was the god of blood thristy baboons.It seamed like he was anti-throth. It was Babi's job to eat the wicked souls in the underworld. It was said he liked eating the wicked's internals the best.
The pharaoh is sad and he wants to do something fun to make him happy. He calls on his magician for advice, the magician says that he should go on a special boat ride with maidens wearing golden clothes and fancy jewelry at the oars. The pharaoh is happy during the boat ride on the Nile, until on of the maidens golden lotus drops in the water and she stops rowing. The pharaoh tries to clam her by offering to get her another golden lotus. She refuses and says she only wants her lotus, so the pharaoh calls on his magician to get the golden lotus from the Nile's waters. The magician fulfills his task and the pharaoh is filled with wonder, so he rewards the magician and they continue to sail on the Nile.
'The pharaoh of Egypt is collecting tribute from the chiefs of Bekhten, while to chiefs offered silver an other valuables the prince offered his oldest daughter who was very pretty the pharaoh accepted her and changed her names so it meant "beauties of Ra". A couple years latter the prince came to Egypt and asked the pharaoh to send a doctor because the queens sister was ill. A doctor was sent to the ill princess. When he arrived he found that a evil spirit was inside the girl and the prince sent for a god to help. The pharaoh went to the temple of Khonsu and let him go to the girl's aid. Khonsu traveled to Bekhten and healed the princess and the spirit said he would leave for his home if they would have a feast that he was allowed to come to Khonsu agreed and the feast was held and the spirit left. The prince kept Khonsu in Bekhten for some time after the feast but Khonsu left for his home. The prince sent many gifts for the god so Khonsu left the gifts in Khonsu-Nefer-hepet's temple.

Before Egypt was invaded the pharaoh let greeks live in a small town at the edge o the Nile. In this town a rich merchant was walking when he saw a crowd around a stage selling slaves and on the stage was a beautiful greek girl was on the stage the rich merchant wanted to buy her and quickly outbid the other buyers. He learned her name was Rhodopis and she had been taken by piretes when she was young and soon sold into slavery afterward. The rich merchant took pity on her and bathed her in riches like she was his daughter. One day while she was bathing a giant eagle swooped in on her and took on of her favorite red slippers. The eagle flew into the pharaohs castle and dropped the slipper on his lap. The pharaoh knew the slipper belonged to a girl and ordered for his men to take the slipper around his kingdom and whoever it belonged to who be his queen. The men traveled to all the towns until they reached the town Rhodpis lived in. When the slipper came to her she slipped it on and it fit perfectly and she got the pair she had saved. The rich merchant was said to see her go but the pharaoh was a very good husband and she was his favorite wife.
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