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The Avengers- A Hero's Journey

No description

Ciaran F

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Avengers- A Hero's Journey

Why I chose The Avengers
I chose the Avengers to show the charting of a hero's journey because i believe it is a very accurate example. It shows many of the 17 stages of Joseph Cambell's Monomyth and I will be going through those today.
The Avengers- A Hero's Journey
Refusal of The Call
Captain America, The Hulk, and Ironman all refuse the call. In fact Ironman even says why S.H.E.I.L.D thinks he can be apart of the team, hes unreliable, selfish and cant work in a team.
Supernatural Aid and Guide/Mentor
The supernatural aid is known to be the iron man suit.
Without much or any warning at all, Iron man supports Captain America to subdue Loki.
Road of the Trials
Tony is willing to become a part of the group but he still wants to do things his way, secretly planting a virus in the computer system. Iron man is also budding heads with The hulk and Captain America.
Call to Adventure
Nick Fury wants to create a team of heros known as The Avengers. Tony Stark's (Ironman) call to adventure comes from Agent Phil Coulson asking him to join the team.
The guide is Nick Fury he supports and motivates The Avengers.
Crossing the Threshold
Im evil
Meeting with the Goddess
Meeting with the goddess is meeting with someone who has special beauty and power, in this case it is Iron mans obsession with The Hulk. He admires him and what he can turn in to. They relate with one another because they are both very smart. (they even drive off with each other at the end of the film.)
Atonement with the Father
In this instance the father figure is Nick Fury, Iron man has finally fully committed himself to working within The Avenges which is "at one" with Nick Fury's intention.
The Ultimate Boon
Finally the Avengers have learned to work together as a team. "Loki: What have I to fear?" "Iron man: The Avengers."
Crossing the Return Threshold
Iron man guides the nuclear missile through the portal in New York, and destroys the army. Iron man is now an amazing hero, sacrificing himself to save others.
Rescue from Without
Iron man falls helplessly back to earth unconscious and The hulk jumps and saves him.
Master of Two Worlds
When Iron man recovers from his fall, he wants to take the team to Shwarma (burger joint) and take tomorow off.
Freedom to Live
The avengers in the end, all go there separate ways but they are always ready to be called upon if they are needed again.
I found my choice of The Avengers worked out pretty well. It almost had all 17, with a few here and there missing. All in all The avengers follows the 17 stages of Joseph Cambell's monomyth well, and is truly a fantastic film!
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