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National Panhellenic Conference and Consultants

What you need to know about NPC and how it applies to your travels

Caitlin Moulton

on 11 April 2018

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Transcript of National Panhellenic Conference and Consultants

Vision Statement:
Advancing the sorority experience together
What is ?
Mission Statement:
The National Panhellenic Conference is the premier advocacy and support organization for the advancement of the sorority experience
Marketing the fraternity/sorority experience
to high school and college students
Founded in 1902 as
"Inter-Sorority Conference"
First gathering in 1891
1915: Adoption of
a Panhellenic Creed
2002: Centennial
NPC History
member organizations
Who Makes Up NPC?
Delegate & 3 alternates
Office staff
Executive director
Office location
3901 W. 86th Street, Suite 398
Indianapolis, IN
Business, legislation
When and Why the Conference Meets
The role of area advisors & area coordinators
NPC Services
Release Figure Method
Advocating on the Hill
University document review: standards, academic and other organization documents from institutions
NPC Programming
The Extension Bulletin
Interest groups/local sororities
The Extension Process
College Panhellenics
Alumnae Panhellenic vs. College Panhellenic
Total vs. quota
Unanimous Agreements vs. policies vs. best practices
MRABA & bids
Quota additions, snap bids & COB
Alum, alumni, alumna, alumnae & alumnus
Intentional single preference
NPC Terms and Talk
Communication with Panhellenic officers
Communication with the FSA
Working with the delegate in major projects and areas
Chapter Presidents & College Panhellenics
Duties of a chapter delegate
Meeting times
Chapter Delegates & College Panhellenics
Different roles and responsibilities of executive officers
Creating a balance between being “Panhellenic” and representing your own chapter
Chapter Members on Panhellenic Executive Committee
Advisors meeting with the FSA and other chapter advisors
Chapter Advisors & College Panhellenics
Relationship with the chapter Panhellenic delegate & chapter president
Fraternity/Sorority Advisors
What is going on in Panhellenic? (Upcoming changes, votes, infractions, status of bylaws)
Image of fraternity and sorority life of campus? (challenges & successes)
What to Ask the FSA
Changes in total, recruitment times/rules/style/structure, Panhellenic bylaws
University standards or other recognition documents
Contact the inter/national president
Contact the inter/national president
Why Contact a National Delegate?
In the case of major issues facing a campus or College Panhellenic, and depending on the College Panhellenic president's affiliation or member group
Contact that inter/national president
Informal discussion, mediation, judicial hearings, appeals
Role & Purpose
Panhellenic Judicial Process
Unanimous Agreements vs. policies
Panhellenic Compact, ethical conduct, College Panhellenic agreement, judicial procedures, women-only rights
Notable policies
"No frills", disassociation during recruitment, alcohol accountability, events with recognized fraternities, social event peer monitoring
The latest Unanimous Agreements & policies
Total should be addressed & reviewed annually following formal recruitment (if applicable) by each College Panhellenic
Your inter/national delegates' contact information
Other Important Information for a Consultant
Training the Panhellenic delegate
Training the chapter president
Meeting with chapter members who are Panhellenic executive officers
Meeting with the FSA
Meeting with chapter advisors
Using This Info On the Road
Manual of Information, 19th Edition
Supplemental Resources
Recruitment Counselor guide
Resolved to Educate
Newsletters and publications
www.npcwomen.org, TheSororityLife.com, SororityParents.com
More at https://www.npcwomen.org/resources/pdf/Adventures%20in%20Friendship.pdf
Consultant Focus: Chapter Level
Board of directors: delegates from all 26 member organizations
Who Makes Up NPC?
The Executive Committee
Chairman, Jean Mrasek
Budget and Finance
Committee Chairman,
Lynnda Hoefler
Vice Chairman, Donna King
Panhellenics Committee Chairman, Julie Johnson
Committee Chairman,
Mary Jane Beach
Annual meeting, voting
Retreats, conference calls
Coming Soon:
Recruitment Counselor Training Online
Chapter delegates
Panhellenic executive officers
NPC vs. College Panhellenics
What is going on in Panhellenic?
Upcoming changes, votes, infractions and such
Does she feel comfortable in her role?
Is she familiar with NPC resources?
How is working with the rest of the Panhellenic executive officers and the FSA?
What to Ask Panhellenic Executive Committee Member
Communicating with executive officers (Panhellenic AND chapter), chapter members and FSA?
Attending weekly meetings?
Current events or changes in Panhellenic community?
What to Ask the Chapter Delegate
What to Ask the Chapter President
Communicating with the executive officers, FSA & chapter advisors?
Informed of current events and changes in Panhellenic community?
What to Ask the Chapter Advisor
Working with the FSA?
Meeting with other chapter advisors?
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