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Copy of Copy of DUN - Martin Jensen, Netværkschef

rettet af CSH 21/10

Martin Jensen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of DUN - Martin Jensen, Netværkschef

1. Parts data

Who and why ?
62% reach in Denmark, 2.85 mil UU,
30 mil. impression each day through Rubicon

Maintain control of data
Build scale in Denmark
Demand for Premium Danish Inventory

Martin Jensen, Head of Danish Publisher Network
130 new advertisers from June to July
3rd parties are no longer invited
Revenue is increasing 15% each month
8 publishers, 62% reach in Denmark
Average CPM prices same level as direct
5 Do's
5 Don'ts
5. Create self service
Loose control to technology companies
1. Go all in
It's about sales efficiency
Not everything is RTB
2. Also sell rate card
3. Test, Test and Test

4. Focus on advertisers
SEM clients
1. Prioritize low cpm campaigns
this would ruin your business longterm
2. Make a bonus/sales structure without RTB budgets
3. Work with vendors that are your
4. Focus on just desktop
Automated is about display/mobile/video and will be in offline within years
5. Let the technology run your
Established by JP/POL in January 2013
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