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Macedonia Research

No description

gs students

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Macedonia Research

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Religions: Macedonian Orthodox 64.7% Muslim 33.3% Christian 0.37% other 1.63%.
Climate: The climate in Macedonia is very warm and dry in the summer and fall. In Winter its cold with heavy snowfalls.
Products and the Currency Macedonian people use and how wealthy Macedonia is
The currency they use in Macedonian they use is called Macedonian denar.Macedonia is not a wealthy country more than 30% people are unemployed.Some of the most popular Agriculture products in Macedonia are wine,grapes,milk,eggs,tobacco,and vegetables.
Where Macedonia is located and the capital of Macedonia
Macedonia is located in Europe.Europe is the 6th largest continent its only bigger than Australia.The capital of Macedonia is Skopje Skopje has a population around 500,000.Macedonia has a population of 2,082,370.
Macedonia's main export partners are Germany Greece and Italy.Macedonia's main import partners are Russia,Germany Greece,Bulgaria, and Italy.

Macedonia Research
How big is Macedonia and how long does the average Macedonian live for
Macedonia is 25.333 square Km.Macedonia is slightly bigger than Vermont.The average Macedonian lives for 73-74 years.
Macedonia's Climate and Religion
Macedonia's import and export partners
What languages they speak
The Macedonian's mostly speak there own language 70% do.However 21% of people speak Albanian.3% talk serbo-croation,Turkish and 3% talk in other languages.
Macedonia's Government and when they became a country
Macedonia's current president is Gjorge Ivanov and Macedonia's first president ever was Kiro Gligorov.Macedonia became a country in 1991.
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