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Why aren't we British

No description

Amy Westwood

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Why aren't we British

Why aren't we British? King George III of England You are the King of Englan in the year 1760.
You are signing into law many acts that are making the
American Colonists very upset with your country.
Your task is to create a Power Point of some of the major laws passed
that affect the American colonies. (5) ex. Tea tax. Also explain the benifit to your country in passing these laws. Continental Congressman You have been chosen to be a congressman in the American colonies.
A continental congressman. Some call you a traitor and say you are commiting treason. Others think of you as a hero.
Why do you not agree with what Great Britain is doing?
What are you and the other congressman going to do about the problems you face?
What are some of the solutions the continental congress has thought of?
Your task is to create a Photostory of how you became a congressman. Also the Photostory should answer the questions above. Colonial You are a private citizen living in the American colonies. You have been reading many newspaper articles for and against the British government. You are against it. You think that it is very unfair that the British government is imposing acts on you to pay off their debt. Your task is to create edititorial to send in to a newspaper.
Look up the "Silence Dogood" papers on the internet to get ideas.
State why you and other colonials think that the Acts Great Britain is imposing on you unfair.
Also answer whether you would go to war over this...Why or Why not?
Loyalist d Role 4 Loyalist
You are a loyal British citizen living in the colonies. You think that many of the colonists are traitors to the crown.
You are called a Tory..why and what does that mean?
Why do you think it is is your best interest to stay loyal to Great Britain? or is it?
Why do you think that a country thousands of miles away has the right to rule this new country?
Your task is to create a letter to your newspaper answering the Questions above.
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