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Welcome To Rome

For geography class

Abdulrahman Mohamud

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Welcome To Rome

Welcome To Rome
Major Achievements
Geography of Rome
Politics and Government
In 509 B.C. the Roman Republic began.
Their government was made of senators,and consuls. The senators made laws,and the consuls supervised business of government.
Rome had a polytheistic religion.Most of their gods were based off of Greek and Etruscan gods, and goddesses.
The three most important gods were Jupiter(the god of sky), Juno(goddess of marriage), and Neptune(the god of sea).
Eventually they converted to Christianity under the rule of Constantine.
In ancient Rome men had absolute power over the family, but later on women were allowed to run their own business,and participate in politics.
When Rome converted to Christianity women were allowed to be teachers, and administrators.
All children went to school, and most wealthy Romans hired private tutors.
Ancient Rome had a traditional economy.It was a slave based economy that focused on producing crops and trading goods.
Roman farmers would possess slaves to help with farming.
Farmers could donate surplus crops to the government instead of a tax.
Rome traded beef, corn, olive oil, wine, etc.
Grain was imported to feed the people of Rome.
The Italian peninsula is centrally located around Mediterranean Sea.
Apennines mountains run like a backbone down the Italian peninsula.
There are broad, fertile plains throughout the empire which was beneficial to their agriculture.
Important Events
Important People
Romes vast empire
Architecture Ex.)
Pantheon, Colosseum, Aqueducts.
Alphabet,roads,public baths,and theaters.
Literature, philosophy, and history ex.) Poetry, the Aeneid
Technology and science ex.) engineering, building roads and bridges, and many immense aqueducts.
509 B.C. Rome became a republic.
450 B.C. The twelve tables became Romes first code of laws.
180 A.D. Pax Romana ends.
476 A.D. Fall of the Roman Empire.
Augustus Caesar- first emperor of Rome,started Pax Romana.
Julius Caesar-conquered Gaul
Trajan-under his rule the Roman Empire was at its largest.
Constantine-first Christian emperor,moved capitol to Constantinople.
Nero- persecuted Christians.

Family structure
Thanks For Watching
Life as a Teenager
Produced By: Abdulrahman Mohamud
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