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Dehumanization of Jews

No description

Drew Wilson

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Dehumanization of Jews

Dehumanization of Jews What is dehumanization? To me, dehumanization is making people feel less human by causing physical pain or unfair treatment.
During World War II, the Nazis, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, dehumanized the Jewish population by beatings, torture, forced labor, and murder. For example, the Nazis demonstrated dehumanization towards Jews while in concentration camps. Jews were treated absolutely like swine according to Elie Wisiel in "Night". The Nazis were terrible towards the Jews by making them witness hangings, abusing prisoners in every way, and allowing them to live unfairly conditions in the camp. Dehumanization started by Jews taken out of their homes, and forced to live in the Wausaw Ghetto under squalid living conditions. Taken Against their Will Herded like cattle, the Jews were forcefully shoved into railroad box cars. Then, they were transported to the German concentration camps. Once they arrived at the camps, they had surrender their belongings, including their valuables, jewelry, and even their gold crowns were extracted by the German dentists. According to Elie Wiesel, he witnessed German dentists removing gold crowns with a wooden spoon. False Identity The Jews' identification papers were confiscated by the Germans, and they all recieved very painful tattooed numbers on their arm that substituted for their true identity. Jews were further dehumanized by the women's heads being shaved. To me that is cruel punishment for women who value their hair. Forced Labor Jews were forced, like slaves to work in the German factories building supplies for the German war effort. Six Million Jews Murdered Besides the shootings and the hangings, Jews were led into makeshift showers, and gassed to death. Their bodies were either dumped into mass graves, or cremated. Hundreds of thousands of bodies were discovered when the allies liberated the concentration camps at the end of WWII Sources Pictures from Google http://www.jewishfederationpittsburgh.org/page.aspx?id=148357
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