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sergio gamez

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Crackback

By: John Coy
Miles' best friend was Zach Turner,
they played on the defense together in their high school football team.
Miles Manning is the main Character in this book. He is one of the best corner backs on his high school football team.
Miles' dad wasn't the type of dad that directly showed his kids love, but kept pushing Miles to do his best in football.
Coach Stahl began the season as an assistant coach of the school football team,but after few games the head coach got sick. Coach Stahl was named head coach of the team. He's not the nicest person in the world but he gets his point out.
The main problem Miles faced was steroids. The begging of the new season Zach gave Miles two pills called "Rip Blast", Miles didn't take them. As Zach started hanging with the seniors they took steroids to play better. Well one day Zach ask Miles to go "Shoot" with them, Miles said no so from there they didn't talk that much.
Towards the end Miles faced another problem, after coach Stahl was named head coach Miles knew it wasn't going to end well. He was right he was demoted to second string. His dad told him he has to do whatever he can do to be brought up to starter again.
Crackback is a good book if you like to read about football. I also think Crackback thought me to never take steroids. It can ruin relationships like Miles' and Zach's.
Mikiel's Thoughts About The Book:
Sergio's Thoughts About The Book:
I thought that
the book was
interesting. It
help me under-
stand that the
the decisions
you make can
affect you
later in

A lesson we learned was to not give into peer pressure. Don't take steroids just to get better in sports. Do it yourself just how Miles did it in the game to advance into the playoffs.
If someone you know is taking steroids tell a grown up or a friend. Try to help that person because the person who is taking steroids can get really hurt.
Sergio's Opinion
I actually liked the book because it was about a teen playing high school football just like I do. Their was one part that i didn't like. It was when Miles got rejected when asking the girl of his dreams to homecoming.
Mikiel's Opinion
This book was good to read beacuse Miles played football in his high school team just like me. The only time it was lame is when Miles missed the interception and the other team scored and won.
On the first game of their season Miles started the game with an interception and ran it back for a touchdown!
In order for Miles and his team to advance to the playoffs they had to win their next game. When the game was almost at an end Miles blocked the field goal to guarantee a spot in the playoffs.They had won!
Presentation By:
Sergio Gamez & Mikiel Davis
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