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Bible Timeline

This is a general timeline of the Old Testament in the Bible.

Craig Smallegan

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Bible Timeline

O.T. Timeline 1. Creation Creation of Adam

Michelangelo 2. The Fall Eden
Hugo Van Der Goes 3. Banished Adam and Eve
banished from

Masaccio 4. The First Murder 5. The Flood 6. the first Covenant Cain and Abel
Tiziano Vecellio The Flood
Michelangelo A Rainbow of Color
Yvonne Willis 7. Tower of Babel Tower of Babel
Marten van Valckenborch 8.

m Abrahams Blessing
site: http://adayinthelife-commonground.blogspot.com/ 9. Ishmael Born Hagar and Ishmael

Fanfani 10. Destruction of Evil Sodom And Gomorrah

site: http://kids.christiansunite.com/Bible_Stories/Bible_Story_011.shtml 11. Abraham Tested Sacrifice of Isaac

Harmensz Rembrandt van Rijn 12. Jacob The Deciever Esau Selling His Birthright
Hendrick Terbrugghen Isaac blessing Jacob
Govert Flinck 13. Jacob's Wrestle Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

Harmensz Rembrandt
van Rijn 14. Joseph:
Dreams, Coats,
and Slavery Joseph's Coat
Velazquez 15. Joesph:
Dreams, Power,
and Reunion Joseph Interpreting Pharaohs Dream Reginald Arthur
16. MOSES Baby Moses in the Brushes
site: http://worshippingchristian.org/blog/?p=2614 Moses and the Burning Bush
Joe Moorman Crossing The Red Sea
Bernardino Luini 17. The Commandments Moses mit den Gesetzestafeln
van Rijn 18. Tabernacle Tabernacle in the Wilderness
Robin Mols 19. Joshua The Walls of
Jericho Fall Down

site:http://www.muian.com/muian06/06Dore03.htm 20. Deborah 21. Gideon 22. Samson Samson Brings Down the Temple

Gustave Doré The Song of Deborah
Donna Smallenberg Reluctant Warrior
Larry Smith 20. Deborah 21. Gideon 23. First King Saul anointed by Samuel

Guy Rowe 24. A New King Samuel anoints David King

Loggia di Raffaello 25. 9 feet versus 5 stones David and Goliath
Tiziano Vecelli 26. David the Harp Player Saul and David
Erasmus II Quellin 27. David near death Saul's Endless Pursuit of David
http://sharingknowledge.org/wb/pages/bible-studies/men-and-women-of-the-bible/david.php 28. david's Weakness David and Bathsheba
Jan Massys 29. Final United King Solomon the Wise
Lars Justinen 30. Beauty and Splendor Solomon's Temple
http://www.potomac5.org/ Tribes Split
site: www.acommonword.net 31. The Civil War Elijah the Healer
Gustave Doré 32. The Prophets:
Elijah The Prophet Elisha
Giorgio Vasari 33. The Prophets:
Elisha 34. The Prophets:
Jonah Whale
http://biblescripture.net/Jonah.html 35. Israel Falls to Assyria Death of Sardanapalus
Eugene Delacroix Isaiah
Michelangelo 36. The Prophets:
Isaiah 37. Judah Falls to Babylon Fall of Jerusalem
CW Briggs 38. The Prophets:
Daniel Prophet Daniel’s Vision
The Virgin Nativity Cathedral Esther before Ahasuerus
Artemisia Gentileschi 39. Esther 40. The Return From Exile Ezra Reading the Law
Gustave Doré
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