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Sarah and Kylie's

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lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Sarah and Kylie's

Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on December 21, 1861.
Although created for civil war, congress made the Medal of Honor a permanent decoration in 1863.
Almost 3400 men and 1 woman have received the award for heroic actions in the nation's battles.
On December 21st 1861 the bill was passed to authorize the making of 200 medals during the Civil War.
President Lincoln authorized to cause 2000 medals to be prepared.
Sarah and Kylie's

Sammy Davis
Lucian Adams
Kyle Carpenter
Sylvester Antolak
Sammy l. Davis is a great man because he was inspired by someone receiving the medal of honor so he volunteered to fight in world war two. Davis was also an amazing person because he showed honor, courage, patriotism, and valor. On November 18, 1967 Sammy Davis entered service to fight in the Vietnam wart. At 0200 hours they got a heavy attack so they had to go and fight. They told him and his soldiers that they had an 100% chance to get hit that night but Davis was still willing to go. The enemy was only 25 meters away and only a river divided them from the fire support base. So Sammy Davis seized a machine gun and provided covering fire for his crew. He tried to take out the enemy but was unsuccessful. But the enemy was able to hit them and it blew Davis into the fox hole. He refused to take cover and looked to start shooting but went to go and save 3 men. They were on the other side of the river so he got an air mattress and made 2 trips to go and get them even though he had serious injuries. Davis refused medical attention so he fired at the large Vietnam force until he broke contact.
Sylvester served in the army from his hometown in July of 1941 in World War two. He truly deserves the medal of honor. He charged over 200 yards of flat terrain to destroy an enemy machine gun nest . He was a whole 30 yards in front of his squad. Sylvester got shot three times and was knocked to the ground after every one of them, but that didn't stop him. He kept on fighting. He suffered from a deep gash in his shoulder and his right arm was shattered. Sylvester was 15 yards away from the enemies strong point when he opened fire at close range. He killed two germans and the remaining 10 surrendered. Than he reorganized his his squad and refused medical attention which he desperately needed. Once again he lead the way towards another enemy strong point. He ignored the showering bullets aimed at him and and traveled 75% of the way before he got tragically killed by enemy fire.
Kyle was a marine who served in Afghanistan, he was deployed in July of 2010. On November 21st, 2010 Kyle did something tremendous. He served as a Squad Automatic Weapon gunner leading up to this event. He was joining his team to fight off a Taliban attack in a small village. He spotted a grenade and didn't hesitate to jump in front of it. The blast caused him to loose his right eye and he had multiple sharpnel (small pieces of an explosive device) wounds on the right side of his body that caused multiple severe injuries to his arm. He had shattered and broken bones along with torn and burned skin. In doing this he saved fellow marines from the blast. Kyle Carpenter is the youngest living person to ever revive the medal of honor.
Lucian Adams
Sammy Davis
Kyle Carpenter
Sylvester Antolak
Lucian Adams was a staff sergeant. On October 28,1944 his company was stopped while trying to open the supply line. Even though his company was stopped doesn't mean he couldn't do anything about it. He got up and started dodging weapons being used against him. Adams made it ten yards and managed to kill the gunner with a hand grenade while an enemy soldier was throwing hand grenades at him. Then he killed with bar fire and killed another machine gunner and made two more surrender. Finally he cleared the woods of harmful weapons and cleared the supply line.
Sammy Davis showed honor by honoring those who have died that night in the Vietnam war. Lucian Adams by clearing the woods so his team could pass safely. Kyle Carpenter showed honor by taking a grenade for fellow marines. Sylvester Antolak displayed honor by taking bullets and kept moving forward for his squad.
Sammy showed courage by willingly going into battle with an 100% chance of getting hit. Lucian showed courage by going out to protect his fellow soldiers who were killed or injured. Kyle displayed courage by doing something extremely dangerous for the good of others. Sylvester displayed courage by walking ahead of the whole group.
Davis displayed patriotism by wanting, volunteering, and fighting in World War 2. Adams showed patriotism by risking his life to open up the supply line for his crew. Carpenter has shown patriotism by sustaining multiple injuries for his and his countries freedom. Antolak displayed patriotism by fighting till the last possible second for his country.
Sammy Davis showed valor by saving three other men in a fox hole on an air mattress over a river in two trips even though he was wounded. Lucian Adams showed valor by killing 9 germans and making two soldiers surrender all by himself. Kyle Carpenter has displayed valor by showing immense courage in the heat of battle and making a split second decision that saved countless lives. Sylvester Antolak displayed valor by opening fire at an extremely close range.
Brief History-the Medal of Honor articles 1 and 2
Sammy Davis sacrificed his safety to go save three people. Lucian Adams sacrificed his well being to save his crew. Kyle Carpenter sacrificed his body to save fellow marines. Sylvester Antolak made the ultimate sacrifice of his life to save his squad.
Every person who has received the medal of honor truly deserves it. They have all displayed honor, courage, patriotism, and valor. All of them have made a sacrifice and some even lost their lives for our freedom and the protection of our country.
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