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The Singer Solution to Poverty

No description

María Guillén

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of The Singer Solution to Poverty

TO SAVE HIM!!!!! Universidad
Carlos III BOB Save the kid Save his car THE SINGER SOLUTION
TO POVERTY Is a kid's life as worthy
as a wealthy retirement? - Can't relate to him, he doesn't even
see his face. - Selling it would guarantee
economical stability when
he retires. - Bought after a life of work. - Sign of honor and prestige. - Bob did nothing to put the
kid in this situation, he was
put there by fate. Result. Kid dies. What are the moral differences
between Bob and us? To help a sickly two year
old become a six year old, it only takes 200$
donation. What difference would
it make to our lifes
donating 200$ (152.64€)? If we condemn Bob
for not giving his car (and
his life savings with it)
away, what do we think
about ourselves, when not
making this donation? Once we've donated
200$, should we keep
on donating more money
in order to save more kids? If people living in the affluent countries made a
little effort, poverty wouldn't
be such a big issue and we will all be a bit more equal. Bob had invested his life savings
on buying a Buggatti, thinking that
as its market value was rising,
he could sell it when he retired and
assure himself financial stability. One day, he has to choose between
his car or a kid's life. Sure? Are we sure that by giving 200$ will end with poverty? Are we sure that all of us
have the same concept of
necessity? - Shouldn't we eradicate poverty in our own countries before dealing with poverty overseas?

- What about the wars going on in those countries? Is this donation helping to end this wars?

- What about the financial slavery of poor countries? - Is it truly moral to sacrifice your income,
that could be used to benefit your family,
to save others? We cannot state that just by giving up our luxuries we will eradicate poverty. It is a much more complex matter in which action must be taken not only by individuals, but by governments as well. We need to let third world countries develop so they end with poverty by themselves, not by our charity. Singer's point can be a help to people in need, but it is not THE solution to world poverty. - In 2004, african countries paid 15$
per person to pay their external debt
and less than 5$ per person in health
and education services.

- The fact is that the actual debt is
already paid. This money goes to pay
the interests of a debt incurred in
the 60s.

- Occidental democratic leaders actually
have a very good relationship with dictators. Rosalía Torresano.
María Guillén.
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