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All about Nigeria

Christine Jankowski

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Nigeria

Christine Jankowski Nigeria Environment Works Cited Climate: Tropical in the South, Dry in the North
Dry Season Nov-March; Wet Season April-Oct
Temperatures from 70˚F to over 90˚F
Periodic droughts and floods
Rainforests in the south; plateaus in central/north
Natural resources: natural gas, petroleum, tin, iron ore, coal, lead and zinc
Have national pipeline for petroleum and soon natural gas
Environmental issues:
Urban air and water pollution
Oil pollution - oil spills
Rapid urbanization Society Capital: Abuja
Population: 170,123,740
Most populous country in Africa
3.3 million live with HIV/AIDS
36 states and 1 territory
Former British colony
Independence Day: October 1 (1960)
National Language: English
Ethnic groups and languages: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba + 371 more
Religions: Islam, Christianity, Traditional
Poverty: 70% below poverty line
Urbanization: 50% population
Literacy: Men = 72% Women = 50%
Very high risk of infectious diseases
Life expectancy: Men = 49 Women = 55 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Washington D.C. Last modified March 13, 2013. http://www.nigeriaembassyusa.org/. 923, 768 sq. km The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency.
Last modified February 5, 2013.
https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ni.html Current Issues Economy Exports: Petroleum, cocoa, rubber
U.S. India, Brazil, Spain, France, and the Netherlands
Imports: Machinery, chemicals, transport equipment, manufactured goods, food and live animals
China, U.S., India, Netherlands, and South Korea
Unemployment: 23.9% World Book Advanced, World Book Online. Last
modified 2013. http://worldbookonline.com/advanced/
home. Government of Nigeria Zuma Rock "Unity and faith;
peace and progress" Government type: Democracy (Modeled after U.S.)
Regained democracy in 1999
President: Dr. Goodluck Jonathan (PDP)
Since 2010; Re-elected in 2011
Council of Ministers
National Assembly: Senate = 109; House = 360
Supreme Court
Legal system: Mixed; part English common law, Islamic law (for 12 Northern states), and traditional law
Universal voting at 18
Over 50 political parties:
People's Democratic Party
All Nigeria's People The Federal Republic of Culture Football = National sport
Hausa, Yoruba, Afrobeat
Radio stations
MTV Africa Music Awards '08 and '10
Nollywood - Africa's Hollywood Crossroad for heroin and cocaine intended for European, East Asian, and North American markets
Major money-laundering center
Anti-laundering legislation monitors
President Jonathan promised $4 million to clean villages
Lead poisoning McNeil Jr., Donald G. "Nigeria: Money Promised to
Clean Up Lead that Killed Hundreds of
Children." New York Times, 29 Jan. 2013.
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