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Mechanical Engineering

No description

Alex Rodriguez

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering

The Path to Mechanical Engineering
What Got Me into Mechanical Engineering
Ever since I was younger I was always very interested in robots, computers, and just generally how moving things work, such as bicycles, planes, and electric machinery. My parent's got me a Lego Mindstorm which is a robot that can be programmed on the computer and built with Lego with peripherals like sensors and motors to attach to it.
Why I like Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
The classes in my school that I am taking to become an engineer are Engineering, Computer Programming, and I joined the Robotics club of which I can work on during my Engineering class. I’m also taking four academic classes; Physics, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus
In Mechanical Engineering there is a lot of physics calculations and planning involved in order to make sure whatever it is that is being built works properly and does not break. This brings me a greater understanding of how technology works. I love being able to just build something and work on it until it does what I want.
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